George Soros vs. Jeff Sessions

It could not be more ridiculous than pushing an agenda against Attorney General Jeff Sessions via strawmen and -women of George Soros. But if you are inclined to turn away from the MSM consider that their fake news strategy is a vital part of the „game“ to bring down Donald Trump. Look f.e. at Twitter and see how perfectly US and European media fulfill their role as propaganda tools. The new players are so disturbing for the establishment that it sends its old and worn out pawns on the front. You might watch Chuck Schumer whose hypocritic appearances with Muslims against the travel ban with fake tears we all remember. Now he pretends his heart is bleeding when he witnesses „foreign influence“ on the US administration.

He was not concerned when 20 % of Hillary Clintons campaign contributions came from Saudi Arabia or when the director of the CIA was a Wahabbi Muslim. „Pay for Play“ as a basic principle of the Clinton Foundation – foreign influence for sale? – didn’t touch him as it is the case with Clinton’s selling out one fifth of US Uranium to Russia. When it comes to the US government there are totally different measurements as even contact to Russian respresentatives (meeting them f.e. at the US think tank Heritage Foundation) seem to prove espionage. Of course you are partisan when you represent a party but some basic rules must apply to every party. The decline of the US Democrats is mirrored by Social Democrats in Europe who have lost any moral ground.


As I describe here the „the Russians did it“-false narrative is especially attractive for lunatics like Rosie O’Donnell. Media constantly lied on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump which meant that one fake news trumped another. It was false to claim Clinton was a successful and qualified politician and combined with failing to mention everything critical while Trump was permanently smeared. So when he won the election against all expectations in this artificial world something evil must be going on: „the Russians did it“. While they are blamed and Trump is furthermore attacked Soros and the deep state from the first moment did everything to prevent the new president from entering into office. Alternative media who reported on Clinton scandals pointed out how groups are tied to George Soros and explained their readers and listeners once more the regime change or color revolution scheme.

Based on knowledge about real news it is easy to dismantle what is going on now. See who is set in place and follow the funding of media and political campaigns. As usual what is constructed against Sessions and Trump is nothing compared with the Obama White House which was visited 22 times by Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. There are lists with many names of mostly Democratic but also some Republican politicians, among them of course Senator Schumer who got money from George Soros. Before the election Breitbart pointed at the Instagram account of Alexander Soros who supports his fathers’s agenda and works for the Open Society Foundations.

Among the Soros‘ Democrats is Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine and there are more: „Alex Soros has also got photos with his father, George Soros, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)—the likely next Democratic leader in the U.S. Senate since Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is retiring—House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Muslim congressman Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and the highly controversial Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.“ Such informations not only explain who goes after Sessions but also how they argued in the hearings. To no surprise the newly elected DNC chair Tom Perez is another person in Soros‘ pocket. Politicians like Schumer are torn between two sides as some want to slow down because the Soros funded mobs against Trump might backfire.

When the Soros Democrats try to remove Sessions (started by Al Franken, one of Soros‘ allies)  with help of the MSM we have to ask what it is really about. Are they afraid the attorney general goes after pedophiles and after Soros‘ treacherous regime change attempts? The latter are not only about riots and staged events but also about phoney impeachment efforts. Donald Trump defended Sessions on Twitter as he hasn’t done anything wrong and „they lost the election, and now they’ve lost their grip on reality”. Part of their strategy and of losing touch with reality is the engagement of Nancy Pelosi who confuses Iran with Iraq and Trump with Bush or Maxine Waters who believes Russia invaded Korea. Infowars explains: „The real story here, as Donald Trump said, is the deep state is trying to overthrow our populist, democratically elected president by any means possible. This is straight-forward treason being committed in front of our eyes with the unelected, bureaucratic class working together with the controlled media and former President Obama and his lackeys like Valerie Jarrett to stage a coup.“

Listen to Ex-CIA operative Robert David Steele who was part of the „counter coup“ which brought Trump instead of Clinton (a Soros, Saudi and Chinese tool) into office. Not „the Russians did it“ but insiders from the US military and intelligence community who are tired of endless wars, false flags and regime changes. How dirty the tricks are that the losing side uses can be illustrated with the role of former British spy Christopher Steele (not related) who is a media darling and fabricated the „pissgate“ („golden shower“) dossier against Trump. Now he should „testify“ against the president in Senate that his fake allegations are „true“ (which is „true“ in the fake news MSM). The Republican representative Tom Cole said: „The idea that somehow Jeff Sessions was conspiring with the Russians to impact the election is just simply an unbelievable fiction. So, yes, I think it’s pretty much a tempest in a teapot.”


From Elizabeth Warren’s campaign (found on Twitter)

Without fake news outlets following a hidden agenda the „tempest“ would indeed be limited to the „teapot“.  Apart from attacking Trump and Sessions the Democrats turn sharp to the left which means to some observers as adopting a „Merkel-style ideology„. The German chancellor heads the Conservative party which many longtime members hardly recognize due to „refugees welcome“ politics. As Germany elects a new parliament in autumn the top candidate of the Social Democrats Martin Schulz (a „reliable ally“ of George Soros) is presented as a (fake) alternative. The French now decide who will be the next president; among the candidates we find the investment banker Emmanuel Macron heading the Socialists after a „mysterious rise“ (while Francois Hollande has to go). Of course he is a globalist and therefore a Soros man while Marine Le Pen of Front National stands for sovereignty and the Conservative Francois Fillon is framed with a corruption affair.

Eastern European Governments take action against George Soros‘ regime change attempts while especially left parties in Western Europe can be silently undermined without resistance. And it are countries like Hungary who refuse to abandon border control and their right to know who is on their territory while in Germany or Austria Soros fronts („NGOs“) seem to dictate how to deal with illegal immigrants they call „refugees“. Last year former Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann was attacked a la regime change because he was for border control and limiting immigration; MSM smeared him as they hailed his successor Christian Kern who soon was visited by Alexander and George Soros but refuses to comment.

According to latest informations from the US the Soros financed group MoveOn is protesting („spontaneous“ as usual?) in DC to demand Sessions‘ resignation. MoveOn is a member of the OPEN network together with Campact (Germany, supporting Martin Schulz) and (Austria, campaigned against Faymann and for the globalist presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen). What we can learn if we study the strategy of Soros & Co. is to watch out for scenarios that should lead to majorities for open borders. Such a goal is pursued in the open to pressurize governments and as a false flag by using a totally unrelated item to provoke preliminary elections. With a brainwashed „civil society“ is it easy to scandalize nearly everything and to echo small protests on social media.

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