How George Soros destroys Europe

In Europe and in the U.S. citizen are more and more aware of George Soros‘ huge influence and his strategies. In the dramatical development in summer 2015 when European nation states were forced to open their borders Soros‘ front organizations played a vital role. This article focuses on Stop Operation Soros Macedonia as they have just started and provide informations in English. The strategy in other countries is absolutely identical so what Cvetin Chilimanov says in videos and on the radio is a perfect blueprint for Austria, Germany and other states.

On the radio Chilimanov says that Soros had a special interest in Greece which should serve as a „Socialist“ role model. In fact there was much enthusiasm on the newly elected Syriza Government two years ago as I witnessed among Social Democrats and Communists in Vienna. But the Syriza representative Giorgos Chondros who has lived for several time in Vienna and therefore speaks German was very vague when I asked him for the second time (at the second public debate with him I attended) about NATO. In the program of Syriza leaving NATO and reducing defense spending was promised. That Syriza was not „real“ was clear when former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (who was hyped with his wife Dana Stratou by the MSM and has Soros ties) founded „Diem 25„, a party on EU level that promotes to go beyond the nation state.

Chilmanov witnessed that especially Social Democrats are falling into the Soros trap and remembers conflicting positions concerning Macedonia’s borders within the Austrian Conservatives. A Conservative from the EU level wanted the borders open while the politician from national level demanded to keep them closed. In the first months of 2016 everybody not only in Austria had heard the word „Idomeni“, a village at the Greek-Macedonian border. People who were no refugees but according to the Geneva Convention and the EU’s Dublin Agreement illegal immigrants refused to go to camps in Greece were they had rooms, beds and something to eat. So they stayed with the help of „NGOs“ (intelligence fronts) at the border and known assets of the Soros agenda travelled to Idomeni to set the government at home under pressure (via Facebook and Twitter and via MSM).

Among them was the Green Party MP Alev Korun (whose intellectual abilities don’t reach further than repeating sentences like „it’s the government’s fault when there are dead people in the Mediterranian Sea“) as well as the head of the Social Democratic NGO „Volkshilfe“ Erich Fenninger. Their trip was documented by the „journalist“ Robert Misik who promotes Soros‘ goals but denounces everybody who points that out as a „conspiracy theorist“. He attacks politicians who favour sovereignty in the Bilderberg paper „Der Standard“ and promotes illegal mass immigration. Media say he is an „adviser“ to Chancellor Christian Kern who met with George Soros and his son Alexander in July 2016 and refuses to commemt (but made false claims against parliament). Soros fronts stirred anger among the migrants in Idomeni and lead them through a border river (well documented with cameras) but three migrants drowned. Among these „activists“ was the Green Fanny Müller-Uri with many Soros ties (, Watch the Med, March of Hope) who refused to bear any responsibilty  but attacked the Macedonian and the Austrian government (and is invited to discussions as if nothing happened).

The Stop Soros-movement was presented to the media on January 17 and critized that „the Soros funded organization has monopolized the civil society sector in Macedonia, and has acted to stop expressions of diverse opinions among the so-called NGO groups.“ Nikola Srbov said: “We’ve witnessed the take over of the entire civil sector and its abuse and instrumentalization to meet the goals of one political party. That is unacceptable and goes beyond the principles of civic organizing. The Foundation Open Society, operating under the Soros umbrella, used its funding and personnel to support violent processes in Macedonia. It has monopolized the civil society sector, pushing outside any organization which disagrees with the Soros ideology. Any pretense of pluralism in the civil society sector was bulldozed over and total single-mindedness has been imposed.” And as Chilimanov describes in interviews he makes Soros responsible for a switch of the society to the left as the Open Society Foundations have  „imposed the George Soros brand of radical left wing ideology on Macedonia, which includes a push to erase identities of nations and states, as well as to open the borders of Europe toward the Middle East, which raises serious security issues“.

Some of the Soros‘ intervening on the Balkans is organized with partners in Austria as my research shows. The total undermining of society may be more visible in Eastern countries but it is very similiar to changes stimulated in Austria or Germany. My newest article in German language should deal with an interview of Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter on the new (five) offices of public prosecutor for „hatespeech“. But when I described how the debate was launched via female MSM „journalists“ who portrayed themselves as victims I had to mention a new type of „NGO“ for campaigns called It is part of the OPEN network found by Ben Brandzel who has worked for Avaaz and MoveOn. Measures against „hatespeech“ and for internet censorship were urged by some Social Democrats and by the Green Party.

Chilimanov explains how Soros fronts go after Conservatives and not only smear them but use wiretapping and material from the intelligence services against them. In Austria campaigns against the former Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner and the former Chancellor Werner Faymann (a Social Democrat) were at least supported by and partly also created. As Soros ideology is the new standard in so called „civil society“ everybody from environmentalists to Socialist youth organizations and feminists promotes the no border / Islamization agenda. Of course the Soros supported Women’s March on January 21st took place in many European cities due to many Soros ties to women’s organizations. In the interview above Chilimanov warns that Soros fronts would user everything against Conservative politicians to reach the goal having a new government which will open all borders. I’m sure the Macedonian NGO activists are as unaware as their Austrian counterparts that they are not part of „legitimate protest“ but traitors who undermine the state and its structures.


Libya 2011, Women’s March 2017, Austrian election 2016

To analyze what is going on in front of your eyes you must listen to people like Wayne Madsen (Ex-NSA and Author of Soros: Quantum of Chaos) also when he speaks about color revolution attempts in the U.S. (after having success f.e. in Ukraine in 2014). He points out that Soros‘ and others foundations follow the National Endowment for Democracys model and serve the privatization of CIA activities like the destabilization of Europe. On his website Madsen offers (for members only) information on Soros: „Trump quietly orders Pompeo to sever all CIA ties with George Soros“. It must be clear to Trump that not only Soros but also the CIA is behind the ongoing regime change attempt in the U.S. which is now enhanced by the Soros funded Media Matters‘ work for Trumps impeachment.  The íconic portrait of Barack Obama from 2008 is deliberately copied to stimulate regime changes as we see in Libya 2011 “” signs were combined with „Hopeless“ and the website

The Webmaster of this page is listed on the US State Department’s as the ‚Twitter‘ to follow as the investigative series of Cory Morningstar under the title „The Art of Annihilation“ explains. The American flag as hijab reveals the future of the U.S. according to globalists like George Soros. The globalist candidate at the Austrian presidential election Alexander Van der Bellen was shown as „Öbama“ on shirts and stickers. As Chilimanov warns the Soros agenda uses young women as disguise while the real descisions are made by men with experience in the old Eastern system often with intelligence background (i.e. rogue elements). In Austria I saw (and it must be similar in the U.S.) that many groups have female speakers but much more important are elderly men who have often radical leftist background. Of course we must go far beyond Soros as this page recommends which offers information on various foundations and players.

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