Angela Merkel and the destruction of Germany

While the German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit US President Donald Trump on March 14 her role in Germany and Europe still seems a mystery to many. After the fatal decision to welcome „refugees“ (indeed illegal immigrants) in autumn 2015 the face not only of Germany has changed radically. And everybody who is not aware that the deep state exists might still be wondering how German politicians and media treat President Trump. Half a year before the German elections the deep state seems to shift its „sympathy“ from Merkel to Martin Schulz, the top candidate of the Social Democrats and among George Soros‘ „reliable allies“.

As Soros himself is one of the most important CIA allies his contacts and various funding of (fake) NGOs in many fields in Europe and the US serve the purpose to undermine every legitimate government. While there is some speculation Merkel’s trip to Washington might improve her chance being re-elected concerned citizens hope that Trump will wash her head as he is right in calling her migration policy lunatic. At the same time citizens especially in Germany, Austria and Sweden (countries which illegal immigrants prefer) that a coming decision by the EU court puts an end to their states. When the court rules that everybody who wants to apply for a humanitarian visa with the perspective of getting asylum at embassies we would become totally overrun (exactly what Soros wants).

It is de facto almost impossible to get rid even of criminal illegal immigrants who are no refugees due to successfully undermining our society via Open Society Foundations and other transatlantic foundations and think tanks – and of course via Fake News Mainstream. The nightmare for the once so peaceful and open minded Swedish society consists of a high rape rate, riots and no-go areas. The situation in Germany is developing into the same direction and Austria will follow as migrant violence is rising and Soros‘ fifth columns in politics, civil society and media still betray their follow citizens and themselves. In Germany the people have no alternative as Convervatives, Social Democrats, Greens and Lefts seem to be one party with Alternative für Deutschland as the coming opposition in parliament.

Historically the EU was founded as an economic community to strengthen peace between France and Germany but now the political union is an instrument of German power, as some argue. We know that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were shaped by the radical left thesis of Saul Alinsky („Rules for Radicals“) and others and that Obamas suspected real father was the Communist leader Frank Marshall Davis. Merkels connection to Communism and Socialism is her biography as growing up in Eastern Germany which ceased to exist when she was 36. There are endless debates how much Merkel arranged herself with the regime around the question whether she agreed to work as an „informal accountant“. She was a member of the Free German Youth perhaps to compensate that her father, a Lutherian pastor, disagreed with the way Socialism was realized in the German Democratic Republic.

A wiki founded when former German Defense Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg (a transatlanticist) was found guilty having copied elemental parts of this dissertation also does research on Angela Merkel who studied physical chemistry. The debate inevitably includes remarks on the Stasi question but users who were themselves academics in Eastern Germany counter some statements from others. Merkel is described as a very intelligent and rational women who was the only female scientist in her department. In 1989 she visited all newly formed groups which took part in the first and only East German multi party elections. She was quiet and more monitoring than active but stayed in the „Democratic Awakening“ and became a speaker of the new (short time) government. When the party merged with the West German Conservatives in 1990 Merkel became Member of Parliament.

Ironically Breitbart wrote on July 3, 2014: „Americans frustrated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reluctance to meet demands for stronger sanctions against Russia have now begun to ask if there is a good reason the German leader has been targeted by US spies.“ At that time not Trump but Merkel was (without any substance?) accused of having ties to Wladimir Putin, who was once stationed in Eastern Germany as a KGB agent. It was another „the Russians did it“-hype after the Ukrainian regime change of CIA, McCain, Soros and all the usual suspects. Merkel says she has no secrets about her communist past but in fact German politics was (as well as the politics of the US Democrats) turned away from caring for the own people and the state’s duties to opening up for endless immigration. From an ideologically firm Socialist or Communist perspective it is easier to favor ideas of a world government that ends nation states and personal freedom.

Ezra Levant questions if Merkel is still sane as she broke with immigration laws and the real provisions of the refugee convention. He shows an excerpt from a German TV debate where Merkel blaims Europe for fighters exported to the Middle East as they grew up here. It seems that for her their return to Europe is something we have to accept as well as an endless stream of Muslim migrants. She answers to the fears of a woman that Christians should be more firm in their belief and not critizes that Muslim know their Quran better than we know our Bible. Merkel avoids to say anything on the governments‘ obligation to protect their own citizens and the state structures. Her „don’t forget how bad we have been in the past“ as an excuse to let in unvetted immigrants is exactly the same strategy the Catholic and the Protestant Church use.

„Germany doesn’t belong to the Germans“ a stunned Ezra Levant summarized. A few days ago Merkel said that everybody is part of the German people who is born in Germany which is another step towards the goal of Soros and other globalists to eradicate nation states by giving up any distinction between citizens and non citizens. Soros fronts and vassals in media and politics prioritize illegally immigrated Muslim men over their fellow citizens who might be victims of crime or be poor and homeless – who cares? „How much Trump is inside Putin?“ asks „Der Spiegel“ in his new edition and quickly there was a parody on Twitter with a blend of Merkel and Soros. Both graphics illustrate a narrative, the false and the true, the open and the hidden.


„Der Spiegel“: parody and original

In Macedonia activists observed the same pattern of covert influence that is witnessed in many countries and made Soros‘ role a topic in the US. Via NGOs as fronts the public discourse is altered and shaped in an uniform way easy to recognize in every country.  In Slovenia Conservatives and others complain that George Soros influences the Social Democrats and the Liberals. When we take a look at Canada we see Justin Trudeau whose mentor Soros has an official partnership with the government concerning „resettlement“ of „refugees“ (illegal Muslim immigrants) and advocacy for a refugee and Islam „friendly“ climate. In many countries new laws should facilitate going after „hate speech“ together with censorship units financed partly by Soros. To change laws requires public pressure exercised via Soros funded campaign organizations and the Soros‘ foundations‘ proposals for new regulations.

„Large-scale resettlement“ of non refugees in Europe is another plan of George Soros which seems to promise that chaos due to mass attempts of illegal immigration can be minimized. Of course a natural scientist like Angela Merkel understands very well what it is about. That she is intelligent and rational might be buried under fake news on „the mightiest woman of the world“, the „Mother Theresa“ of the „refugees welcome culture“ whom Hillary Clinton admires and sees as a role model. The global government deep state follows the same pattern everywhere, it aims as top level treason in order to create open border majorities. With a manipulated civil society under the influence of Soros fronts every move of politicians in accordance with obligations and responsibilities of the nation state is „punished“ by staged protests calling such decisions „inhumane“.

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