This is the real danger for women

It seems unbelievable that millions of women turned out to the streets under the notion that Donald Trump is the worst sexist ever. But this is the classic color- or theme-revolution strategy carried out by assets of George Soros and other globalists in so many countries.  In this case the color is pink (see all these „pussyhats“ on videos) and the theme is Donald Trumps alleged violation of women’s rights. In order to hide how poor their „arguments“ are his enemies launch memes in social media as „proofs“ that he is „no gentleman“ compared to Obama showing both couples, the Trumps and the Obamas.

Even some women who have realized that the hyped „refugees“ issue in Europe is about illegal immigration and cultural dominance fall into this trap.  Geopolitics and the role of covert strategies is for most of them – in their own words – „too complicated“ to look through so they buy fake news mainstreams‘ portrait of the new President.  And they support the Women’s March either in one of many cities outside the U.S. or at least on Facebook or Twitter. „How do you stop good people from hurting themselves?“ asked Eileen Toplansky: „How do you stop good people from careening over a cliff?  How do you protect decent Jewish philanthropic women from aligning with groups who would be quite happy to hurt them in many ways?“

Eileen is dissenting from exactly this group of women as a longtime member of the National Council of Jewish Women who is now „joining forces with groups that have neither Jewish nor American interests at hand. And far too many of the NCJW members are either willfully blind or simply ignorant of the nefarious background of many of the ‚partners‘ marching at this event. “ You might think that these women could realize what is going on as one basic principle of their organization is not to side with groups who „delegitimize Israel“. And they must have noticed that scheduling a protest on Saturday violates the Shabbat but had to decide to set different priorities. There are also critical points on the aim of the march designed as a Social Justice Warrior event i.e. fight against real or imagined „oppression“.

The author mentions the Jewish group Bend the Arc  which „seeks to ‚create a just, fair and compassionate America‘ by ‚mobilizing … Jewish resources‘ to promote ‚equality and justice for disenfranchised residents of our nation.‘ Bend the Arc ‚condemns voter ID laws as barriers that make it harder for communities of color, women, first-time voters, the elderly, and the poor to cast their vote,‘ and finally, Bend the Arc ‚calls for comprehensive immigration reform that creates a path-to-citizenship for millions of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States.'“  Its former name was Jewish Funds for Justice and it is now headed by Stacy Cotler, an anti-Israel protester who was working with Women in Black. „What makes this particularly intriguing is that Bend the Arc is now getting a boost from George Soros’s son, who wants ‚to play a more active role in the 2016 election with the launch of new political action committee focused on representing the views of Jewish Americans – beyond foreign policy.‘

Thus, Bend the Arc will ‚back progressive candidates by making direct contributions to their campaign committees. It will focus on issues such as income inequality, marriage equality, social justice and immigration reform.‘ Toplansky quotes an article on the role of George Soros in funding the campaign of Hillary Clinton. By funding groups who accuse society, politics and law enforcement of being „Islamophobic“ Soros (who undermined Homeland Security with Muslim help) paves the way for Islamization as it is the case in Europe. After terror attacks the Soros network is eager to blaim reasonable reactions as „islamphobic“. Maybe this explains why massive sexual harassment (Cologne 2015 at new years eve) or gathering to commit such crimes (Cologne a year later) is immediately countered with claims that fury over attacks on women is  a „racist hunt“.  When German police controlled men looking „North African“ who came by train in masses to Cologne on December 31, 2016 they used the term „nafri“. After it appeared on Twitter Soros assets (who usually don’t know who is the puppetmaster) tweeted out their embarassment about being so racist to call men #nafri.

In my German language blog I describe a variety of Soros-funded groups and networks in Europe (mainly in Austria and on EU level) who follow Soros‘ aims to abandon borders and to eradicate any distinction between citizens and non-citizens. The instrumentalized and often good paid SJWs don’t realize that they destroy their own fundament of living. They are so brainwashed that they can’t understand what „no limits“ for (fake) „refugees“ means as each state has limits – not only expressed in borders but also in budget, territory, housing, jobs and the needs and rights of its citizens. It is particularily sad that so many women who call themselves „feminists“ are pawns in Soros‘ game without noticing that they give up women’s rights for male Muslim tyranny.  In Germany, Austria and Sweden a constant stream of reports on extreme violence against women by immigrants seems daily business.

Instead of protesting against harassing, hurting, raping and killing women and making most of the female population especially in cities feel insecure (as polls show) hijacked „feminists“ remain silent. And they never demonstrated against Obamas‘ illegal wars, against targeted killing but were turned against their own government when it wants to protect the borders to stop destabilization. Unfortunately neither the German nor the Austrian nor the Swedish government serve own interests as they are in the hands of U.S. deep state, globalists, rogue CIA and influenced via think tanks and pressured by „NGOs“ who are more or less intelligence fronts. If any „white“ Swedish, German, Austrian men would behave like an illegal immigrant he would be in jail and stay there. The people have the impression that these men could commit one crime after the other without being in custody, getting a prison sentence or being deported.
But the strategies of the globalists who are President Trumps opponents work on a global scale. As Muslims who claim to be „moderate“ are given more and more space in society, politics and media the overall presence of Women’s March co-organizer Linda Sarsour (Muslim American Society) seems familiar to staged European debates f.e. on „burka ban“ or „Islamophobia„.  She protested against the release of the documentary Honor Diaries about violation of women’s rights in Islamic countries to U.S. audience. She appears fighting for Muslim holidays and speaks at a Black Lives Matter Conference adressing the third of Black American who are Muslim (of cours BLM is Soros-funded). Though ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are denied critical sites point out that the Muslim American Society has such links. Note that Hillary Clintons „right hand“ Huma Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia and seemed a Saudi mole to some in the intelligence community which meant due to Clintons health condition the U.S. she would have been the de facto-President.

In Germany and Austria „modern“ Muslim women (with not-so-modern brothers) are put into government positions to push the agenda. Aysel Özoguz said that she doesn’t want to be identified with her radical brothers although she is constantly against the rights of domestic Germans even when „refugees“ try to burn a homeless men alive.  The same pattern is witnessed when we focus on Linda Sarsour and her family: „One of the Sarsour family members is Salah Sarsour, known to have been a board member of Americans For Palestine a board member of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee and the registered agent for the Wisconsin chapter of the Muslim American Society (MAS), a part of the US Muslim Brotherhood closely tied to the Egyptian organization. His brother Jamil is a Milwaukee businessman and known Hamas operative. Jamil Sarsour was arrested in Israel in 1998 for providing financial and other assistance to HAMAS military commander Adel Awadallah who is known to have planned suicide bombings in Israel.

Jamil Sarsour eventually pleaded guilty in an Israeli military court to giving $40,000 to Awadallah. During an interview with Israeli police, Jamil Sarsour said his brother Salah had been arrested by the Palestinian police in 1995 and when he visited him saw that he shared a cell with Awadallah. Jamil Sarsour described to the Israelis his brother Salah’s involvement with Hamas and fundraising activities by the U.S.-based Holy Land Relief Foundation (HLFRD) on behalf of Hamas. Sarsour told the Israelis that some of the members of the Islamic Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and his brothers Salah and Imad were involved in raising money in the name of HLFRD that was actually intended or HAMAS.“ Could it really be mere coincidence that the Democrats Abroad distributed signs showing the drawing of a woman wearing the American flag as veil (see pictures from the Women’s March in Berlin etc.) and in the U.S. some women used flags to veil them?


Note the image reminds us on fthe „hope“-icon with Barack Obama which means that „hope“ under the Trump Presidency should be Islamization: „The image was clearly prepared and published to support the Women’s March on Washington, another far left propaganda stunt promoted in the mainstream media as an organic grassroots movement, but which is much more deliberate and insidious.  The Amplifier Foundation appears to be heavily involved in the enterprise.  This image was created and distributed at considerable expense to promote an anti-American leftist agenda that if carried to its philo-Islamist fruition would be extremely harmful to American women.  This is quite good evidence of unseen hostile leftist financing such as George Soros or the like.  Since the left is now back in protest mode rather than in executive control, we can expect to see a lot more like this.“

Two years ago a woman with the flag as hijab was on Fox News, but now you see the hijab flag at the Women’s March and hear „Allahu Akbar!“ at the protest in Berlin. Former (?) CIA operative Gloria Steinem points out in her speech solidarity with Muslims and with Hillary Clinton (20% of her campaign were funded by the Saudis). No wonder that Steinem also transported the „Trump is mentally instable“-narrative besides claiming he is a misogynist. Imagine she and others protested alongside with Linda Sarsour who wants Sharia Law in the U.S. and bear in mind that George Soros has ties to more than 50 partners of the Women’s March (for regime change). Sarsour says in an interview before the election she is „shocked“ that Trump was no joke and that people voted (in the primaries) for an „anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, sexist, misogynist fascist“ and she bends forward at each word to underline it.


Twitter: Iranian women 1979 against, American women 2017 for hijab

Social Justice Warriors are called „Gutmenschen“ in Germany and Austria by those who are fed up with being constantly attacked by them for defending the rights of the own („white“) population. Like Linda Sarsour these „warriors“ repeat empty phrases and are pure propaganda tools who can’t stand a real fact-based discussion.  To denounce Donald Trump (the most liberal Republican candidate since many years) as „fascist“ follows the pattern of covert actions against him. And note that while he in his speech at the inauguration referred to the Bill of Rights (beginning with „We the people…“) the Soros-vassals proudly present a veiled woman as the incorporation of „We the people“ as if enslaved women were what the dreams of the U.S. „founding mothers“ have been about.

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC spread fake news on Putin, Trump and prostitutes as many others in the MSM and says now that „America first“ sounds like Hitler. She and others should look up what the President and the Members of House and Congress swear and realize that every official has to serve his own country. Of course the psychological effect of such claims (made also in Europe) combined with the veil flag as a symbol for Islam paves the way to the direction the deep state still is heading for.  No more „land of the free“ but women kept imprisoned in houses, stoned to death for alleged adultery, child marriage and FGM instead of still having the possibility to complain about constructed gender issues. Why is it so hard for so many women to see all these warning signs, to do their own research and to put pieces together?

hijabThe flag as a hijab

Feminism has  become a bandwaggon many so-called celebrities have jumped on;  some are happy about it and don’t realize that they join to make everything whenever needed „feminist“. „The Central Intelligence Agency played a key role in hijacking second wave feminism via the work of Gloria Steinem, who is still a noted feminist icon today. Steinem admitted that she was recruited by the CIA to infiltrate youth counter-culture movements in the late 1950’s, and subsequently emerged as a leading icon of second wave feminism in the 1960’s. Steinem subsequently received funding from the CIA and the Rockefeller foundation to set up Ms. Magazine, a feminist publication.
The CIA’s role in steering and managing second wave feminism again underscores the fact that feminism is not a grass roots ‚people‘ movement, it is a top down system of control used to divide and conquer and is run by powerful individuals who care little for actual women’s rights“, as Paul Joseph Watson writes. So the attention is diverted from real women’s issues as their oppression in countries like Saudi Arabia (and if support for military intervention is needed, embedded feminism focuses f.e. on the Taliban and women after 9/11). And they create irreal expectations in men so women have to be disappointed and can be steered by their frustration. This might be the reason why silly „Trump is no gentleman“-memes get much support on social media and why his old „locker room“ talk is far more important than his record as an employer who always promoted women.

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