Soros agent John McCain vs. „Russian agent“ Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul is a vital critic of the deep state’s militarism and blocked Montenegro’s NATO membership.  He said it would be “unwise to expand the monetary and military obligations of the United States given the burden of our $20 trillion debt” and left the floor. For Senator John McCain his decision demonstrates that „he is now working for Vladimir Putin“ helping him to achieve his objectives and „trying to dismember this small country which is already subject of an attempted coup“. In fact McCain has experience with coups see Ukraine 2014 where his mentor George Soros and the CIA once again successfully changed a regime.

And Montenegro as well as other Balkan states has been targeted by Soros and co. since many years under the „philantropic“ cover of promoting economic development. Back in 2000 PR Wire published a press release with the title „First International Bank Opens in Montenegro – George Soros‘ Economic Development Foundation Among Main Investors“ written by the named Soros foundation: „In discussing the formation of Euromarket Banka, George Soros said that it was his expectation that the bank would receive broad acceptance from Montenegrin businesses and consumers. He indicated that the strong group of investors that has been assembled would insure a stable capital base of the Bank, make depositors confident that their funds were well protected, and bring about sound banking practices.

Soros also expressed the hope that many businesses and consumers would become the Bank’s clients using its full range of services. These services are expected to initially include deposit taking, international payments processing and business equipment financing, and will later include consumer loans, lending to small and medium sized businesses and possibly real estate financing.“ Soros‘ foundations are active in many countries: „Soros Economic Development Foundation (SEDF), the lead investor in
Euromarket Banka, is a not-for-profit corporation chartered under Section501(c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, to develop and implement economic development projects throughout the world.

To date SEDF has undertaken both equity and debt investments in Albania, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. In Bosnia, SEDF is an investor in Market Banka d.d., the country’s leading bank, where it operates a small business lending program. SEDF also makes capital available for small business lending in Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. In Russia, SEDF has re-capitalized a small business lending program together with the EBRD, and several other investors. In Bangladesh, SEDF structured a long-term credit to permit Grameen Telecom Ltd., a sister company of Grameen Bank, to invest in an innovative cellular telephone project to bring telephony to the rural poor. In Macedonia, Albania and Moldova, SEDF has been an important player in implementing micro credit projects.“

Even under massive „Western“ intervention by US foundations the citizens of Montenegro mostly oppose NATO membership and want good relations to Russia and the US, as Rand Paul explains in the interview above. He points at McCain’s and other neocons‘ constant efforts to push Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, which would have meant being now at war with Russia. And he reminds the audience that years ago some lobbied for an intervention in Georgia while he was against and „saved the lives of thousands of American soldiers“. Thanks to an initiative from Macedonia, were Soros „NGO“ fronts, USAID and hench men remained from Communist times are agitating towards regime change (following a pattern known from Hungary, Albania, Montenegro, etc.) the US Senate demands an investigation by the State Department.

Helena Glass comments on the controversy between McCain and Paul in describing the Soros ties of McCain and others as „spokespersons of the swamp“ President Donald Trump promised to drain. And she points at another Soros link: „. In 2015, their President and Prime Minister were named “Person of The Year in Organized Crime” by an investigative journalist network. The organization, OCCRP, has been involved in numerous anti-corruption investigations including the Panama Paper Caper.“ OCCRP is financed by Soros‘ Open Society Foundations and other US donors and the „Panama Papers“ as well as recent accusations of Russia laundering money in the EU serve the overall „the Russians did it“ and „everybody is a Russian agent“ narrative.

Ex-NSA Wayne Madsen now writes: „The people of Eastern Europe are getting wiser about the political antics and maneuvering of Hungarian expatriate hedge fund billionaire George Soros. Opponents of Soros are retaliating against his decades of political interference by playing his game. For example, in Bulgaria, a 240-page book, titled ‚Robbers of Democracy,‘  is being offered free by the daily newspaper, The Telegraph. The Telegraph and five other of Bulgaria’s largest newspapers are owned by media mogul Delyan Peevski. The anonymously-written book distributed free by Peevski names a number of journalists, politicians, judges, and prosecutors of being ‚foreign mercenaries‘ for Soros’s Open Society Foundation and America for Bulgaria.“

Soros is one of the CIA’s most important allies in destabilizing and undermining foreign countries including influence on elections; this part of his activities is tied to campaign experts like John Podesta or Stanley Greenberg (who is hired by many Social Democratic parties worldwide). Before Barack Obama (now fighting Trump with Soros) became president, Soros, Podesta and Greenberg planned a takeover of the US. Israeli media describe a (failed) regime change attempt in 2011 of Soros and Greenberg via staged mass protests against Premier Netanjahu. In Bulgaria the courageous media owner is smeared because he exposes the Soros operation as Madsen writes: „Soros’s propaganda machine can only do what it knows how to do best, attack Peevski and his media operations as ‚agents‘ of Russia and Vladimir Putin. The Soros operatives have also added their own ‚fake news‘ to the debate, claiming that Peevski is a Mafia chief in Bulgaria and that he is allied with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), recognized by the European Union and Turkey as a terrorist organization.“

The same thing happens in the US were RT, Sputnik, Ruptly (all openly owned by the Russian state), Infowars, author Roger Stone and others are accused of being Russian dupes. Meanwhile „seven Republican U.S. Representatives have called for a congressional investigation into U.S. funding of Soros operations in Macedonia that were aimed at destabilizing that nation’s government. A group called ‚Stop Operation Soros‚ headquartered in Skopje, the Macedonian capital, stated, ‚USAID [U.S. Agency for International Development], the U.S. development agency, and the U.S. Embassy here have given tens of millions of dollars over the past several years to George Soros-led groups in Macedonia. They don’t give anything remotely similar to conservative groups. They’re essentially supporting only one side of the ideological divide in Macedonia. And they were doing this at a time when these groups were organizing violent protests, attacking the police, doing all they can to bring down the conservative government in this country.'“

This is just a strategy we witness in many countries f.e. in Western Europe as I analyzed in many articles mostly in German language in order to create awareness. So far neither the German nor the Austrian government is willing to take steps against covert actions aiming to bring down national borders in order to abolish nation states. In fact MSM in these countries are CIA outlets while in Macedonia experts like Madsen appear „frequently on Macedonian national television warning of the tactics of Soros and his Central Intelligence Agency/USAID interlocutors. All Soros and his minions can do is allege, as is their usual tactic, that former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and president  Gjorg Ivanov are tools of Russia and Putin. That particular canard has worn thin on the people of Eastern and Central Europe. Gruevski called for the ‚de-Sorosization‘ of Macedonia.“ When Madsen says „throughout Eastern and Central Europe, the people who have access to unblemished media, understand their true enemy is not Russia or Putin but George Soros and his team of CIA operatives and shadowy bankers“ we can add that more and more citizens generally understand what is going on.

As usually the truth is just the other way round: Rand Paul is no „Russian agent“ helping to topple the government of Montnegro but McCain does what he accuses him to do: „John McCain Is Probably Plotting The Overthrow Of The Montenegro Govt Like He Did In #Ukraine“ is the title of an entry in the „Mad Jewess“ blog: „I will lay this out in simple facts:  John McCain & NATO along with Soros have been plotting the overthrow of the government in Montenegro.  Why?  Montenegro may ratify a treaty with NATO or not…  The current government may not want to join NATO.   If they do not join–NATO, Soros and McCain will overthrow that government and then blame Russia.  This is where all of the phony, Russian propaganda originated, in fact.“ And mention: „HOW is it Russia’s fault if a neighboring state does not want to join NATO?  One thing is for sure:  If a country does not want to join NATO, McCain & co. destroy that nation.“

As usual we have a history of staged protests in Montenegro and this again parallels experiences in the US when Trump and not Clinton won the election and in Western Europe. In 2001 explained what Soros‘ own words really mean for the future of the world:  „But what is ‚open society‘? It’s ‚a society that holds itself open to change and improvement.‘ Hold yourself open, now, and open wide (or bend over) because we’re coming in. Soros’s ‚open society‘ in practice makes national governments into less than governments. They can be administrative subdivisions of the new global order and deal with ‚details‘ but they can’t be truly sovereign because that would mean they weren’t part of the Open Society.

Don’t try to keep any secrets from us enlightened globalists because we control the capital and we will brand you as ‚closed‘ and therefore evil. But since a government without secrets isn’t really a government, there can be no sovereign governments in the Open SocietySoros’s ideology calls for a civilian ‚complement‘ to NATO – the ‚Open Society Alliance‘ – consisting of the US, European Union, and a ‚critical mass of democratic countries from the periphery of the capitalist system.‘ But he never says how it’s supposed to work.“  Don’t be surprised Transparency International gets Soros funding and that you have to suspicious at every „open data“ initiative. In the 1980’s CIA activities were „privatized“ via National Endowment for Democracy to create and undermine NGOs, projects, initiatives in foreign countries in order to have intelligence fronts of a different type.

We can follow the same scheme concerning the Soros and other foundatios and draw a complex picture of operations through various fronts on global scale. Still many people don’t understand it even if you show where they can check all details for themselves. What made the opponents so successful  – their omnipresence (also in surveillance) – is at the same time their vulvernability. It is easier to reconstruct and to describe operations when known fronts are used and the range of (re)actions is limited so you can predict every move. In fact we play on a level plainfield – people inside and outside the US intelligence apparatus against each other and Europeans for and against these two groups (also seen as for sovereignty or for globalism). Absurd James Bond clichés make it still hard for many to accept that it is somehow „spy vs. spy“ with modern hybrid warfare methods but no „Russian agents“ including Donald Trump. The president is just supported by active and former members of the US intelligence community and the military and by those who know what is going on.

PS: Don’t underestimate the Open Society Foundations‘ justice initiative and the funding of legal advice to illegal immigrants – that is how countries like Hungary are brought before European courts in order to prevent non open border policies: „When his government lost a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights last week over its detention and expulsion of two migrants from Bangladesh, Hungary’s rightwing prime minister blamed the usual suspect: a billionaire in New York. „‚It is a collusion of human traffickers, Brussels bureaucrats and the organizations that work in Hungary financed by foreign money,‘ Viktor Orban told public radio on Friday. ‚Let’s call a spade a spade: George Soros finances them.'“


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