Trump: Traitor or Trustworthy?

Nothing seems to change: the US are intervening in other countries or at least threatening to do so, whistleblowers are still in danger and those who helped Trump to get elected are under pressure. Some are disappointed while others still see Trump fighting the deep state. Sometimes the „old“ Trump reappears who fearlessly stand up against the establishment and its fake news media machine. We must be aware that the attacks on the president are going on, f.e. via calling him to be put into a mental institution. Believing in national sovereignty and being no friend of the CIA or of George Soros seems sufficient.

Whoever does not regularily check alternative news sources easily misses important details which enable him or her to judge Trump’s achievements. Meanwhile mainstream media consumption is inevitable and constantly creates a negative image of Trump. It is enough to browse through women’s magazines where Trump critics like Amy Schumer are interviewed.  Such magazines even start campaigns as the German „Brigitte“ does with #pinkfirst wich should be a signal of strong and united women. At of course in every political debate Trump is labelled a „right wing populist“ or „nationalist“ and compared with Marine Le Pen who now tries to become the first female French president.

Steve Pieczenik on Trump and media

Although George Soros viciously fights against Trump, the US administration backs Soros against Hungary which wants to throw Soros‘ fronts out of the country, among them the Central European University in Budapest. In recent months the anti Soros movement has gained ground not only in the US but also in Europe. What was called a „conspiracy theory“ by representatives of his NGO fronts is now proved by Italian law enforcement authorities who charge such „NGOs“ for human trafficking. Many people in Europe know that once renowned groups like amnesty are part of the war agenda and express their disappointment. It still seems quite normal that the President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker meets George Soros to discuss measures against Hungary which takes steps against Soros‘ destabilization attempts.

In neighboring Austria where many Hungarians work the city council of the capital Vienna supports Soros against the Hungarian Government while Chancellor Christian Kern promised to talk to Soros (who visited him last summer shortly after he entered office).  Macedonian efforts to get rid of Soros‘ and USAID’s undermining activities are supported by Judicial Watch and a great chance for Trump but he remains silent. It is impossible that neither he himself nor his entourage get the point that states are always destabilized with hijacked parts of society who are mobilized when triggered. The overall goal is abandoning state sovereignty which means control over territory and borders so open borders are promoted as a sign of „open mindedness“.

Without alternative media and without leaks only a few citizens would have known that Hillary Clinton is not a discriminated female politician who wants to break through the glass ceiling but financed by Soros, the Saudis and others.  Those who saw her as a warmongerer are deeply disappointed by Trumps saber-rattling. Still the sales numbers of nuclear-proof bunkers are increasing but this is not new and some media try to prepare us for a „day x“ which could also be a longer power outage. It is hard to find a logic in Trumps foreign policy because of mixed messages and many contradictions. And while the phantom „Russian meddling“ into the US election is promoted in MSM and politically investigated nobody dares to touch massive Israeli influence.

Former CIA agent on many actual political topics

Steve Pieczenik worked for the State Department and fears that Donald Trump used his supporters to win the election and then throws them away: „Remember in the world of HUMINT, nothing is an accident. So if these seemingly separate affairs are actually interconnected, I wonder who profits most from eviscerating the Republican Conservative- Nationalist wing?“ He points at the smearing of  Alex Jones (Infowars), the firing of Trump advisor Stephen Bannon and of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News. Pieczenik writes:; „In my humble opinion, POTUS  Trump used the conservative movement and the alternative media as a way of climbing up the greasy pole of Republican politics. When he no longer needed us, he simply instructed Jared Kushner, or someone very close to Donald, to find a surreptitious way to eliminate the very three most influential people who helped to get him into the WH. Clearly, I hope I am wrong.“

Julian Assange is among those who helped Trump and seems to be „rewarded“ with an arrest warrant. One of the possible alternatives to Trump in 2020 is Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic representative from Hawaii with combat experience. A few months ago she travelled to Syria and afterwards reported to Trump and in alternative media where she critized mainstream war propaganda. „Veterans Today“ explains: „What Gabbard has proven is that foreign influence, combined with Saudi cash and the intelligence agencies of Israel and Turkey who have been ‚honey-trapping‘ DC politicians for decades, rule America and control both major political parties.“ It is no surprise that Gabbard was against the US strike on a Syrian airfield in reaction to a false flag. Gordon Duff at VT argues that he is very familiar with the situation in Syria:

„Of Americans, I am probably best informed on Syria and am the “go to” guy even for those who are of differing beliefs or politics here. I have a dark cynical nature and decades of intelligence training. Suffice it to say, the real Syria under Assad is a complex place. Assad is hardly a brutal dictator. He is popular with a majority of Syrians and could well lead a nation as part of a coalition government. He inherited power after his brother was murdered by the Mossad in a ‚Lady Di‘ car wreck, what the CIA refers to under the code name ‚Boston brakes.'“ And it was Donald Trump who in 2013 tweeted against warmongering and warned President Obama not to fall into the trap of hawks who always want war.

Now Trump is attacked by globalist organizations like the CFR but at the same time whistleblowers (who are against total surveillance and other globalists‘ goals) are hunted more than ever. But Trump has honest friends like Roger Stone who demands the resignation of CIA director Mike Pompeo.  He stands for those who act on their own and want progress instead of following any leader blindly. For Europeans the debate about the US election and the first three months of Trump in office means to realize how much everything is connected. Media who bash or push Trump or Clinton follow the same pattern overseas so many citizens are suspicious on Soros‘ candidates in Europe. The people are much more aware of the deep state whether they use the term or not.

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