New revelations: How they spy not only on Trump

Is Barack Obama really out office and Donald Trump US-President? When rallies are organized and material for impeachment is collected it seems that Trump’s days as president are at least counted. But it begins to backfire as Trump deliberately accused Obama and the intelligence agencies to spy on him and after Wikileaks exposes the CIA of mass hacking. As former CIA analyst Larry C. Johnson says in a RT interview there is Russian espionage against the USA and vice versa but this has nothing to do with the outcome of the elections. To communicate via Twitter is a bit problematic because Trump used the term „wiretapping“ was technically inaccurate. But the president draw attention to the fact that his communication was illegally monitored on Obama’s orders.

It is no surprise that NSA and CIA worked against the president as this behavior is part of a set of measures to topple Trump. Again it is necessary to stress there is no sign of classical interference at elections. To exchange the director of Central Intelligence is not enough as there are many illoyal „senior intelligence officials which have to be fired“, says Johnson. All these activities belong to „a coordinated plan linked to Barack Obama“ who give the green light when he was briefed on informations that came from British GCHQ. There must be „criminal charges against former members of the Obama Adminstration for what they have done“ probably under sedition. It are coordinated and not isolated events that umust be investigated. Meanwhile Wikileaks has published informations on CIA’s covert hacker center in Frankfurt, Germany for Europe,  Africa and the Middle East,

Data released in the „Vault 7“ series show how the CIA bypasses encryption apps which whistleblowers and the press use (and what about naive politicians?); “’The CIA’s Mobile Devices Branch (MDB) developed numerous attacks to remotely hack and control popular smart phones. Infected phones can be instructed to send the CIA the user’s geolocation, audio and text communications as well as covertly activate the phone’s camera and microphone,‘ Wikileaks reported. ‚…These techniques permit the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloackman by hacking the ‘smart’ phones that they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.'“ The CIA tried to detect all vulnerabilities in newly distributed software before „zero day“ – the day when security holes are identified and closed.

Ironically the CIA’s surveillance and hacking programe has become vulnerable itself as it goes out of control – otherwise Wikileaks would not have gained access to such data. On its website Wikileaks gives us some examples: „Among the list of possible targets of the collection are ‚Asset‘, ‚Liason Asset‘, ‚System Administrator‘, ‚Foreign Information Operations‘, ‚Foreign Intelligence Agencies‘ and ‚Foreign Government Entities‘. Notably absent is any reference to extremists or transnational criminals. The ‚Case Officer‘ is also asked to specify the environment of the target like the type of computer, operating system used, Internet connectivity and installed anti-virus utilities (PSPs) as well as a list of file types to be exfiltrated like Office documents, audio, video, images or custom file types. The ‚menu‘ also asks for information if recurring access to the target is possible and how long unobserved access to the computer can be maintained. This information is used by the CIA’s ‚JQJIMPROVISE‘ software (see below) to configure a set of CIA malware suited to the specific needs of an operation.“

Wikileaks makes a complete fool out of those soldiers, politicians and journalists who really thought there are no persons of interest f.e. in the Austrian Government and who wouldn’t believe some politicians are under total surveillance. In fact behavior and (avoided) communication reveals who is under pressure and surveillance so you have to connect the dots to important items and political constellations. Present or future leaders who are promoted (especially but not only on the left) are most likely „allies“ of George Soros as US Democrats who „resist“ Trump. Wayne Madsen wrote in November 2015 (after Germany and Austria were flooded with migrants): „Next to the Islamic State, George Soros and his international army of disinformation agents, ne’er-do-well non-governmental organizations, and government agents-of-influence is probably the greatest threat to global peace today. The latest Soros meme, being echoed by his acolytes and financial beneficiaries Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is that Americans should disregard the Islamic State’s promise of embedding 4000 of its battle-hardened terrorists among the throngs of refugees escaping the U.S.-backed Islamist uprisings in Syria and Iraq.“

Obama spying at Trump (from Twitter)

Then came the time of election campaigns with Soros on the side of the Democrats, Donald Trumps win and continuing efforts to make another successful regime change. Meanwhile society was more and more divided (as planned by Soros) in Austria or Germany over the refugees‘ issue due to NGO fronts and many brainwashed people. Wikileaks explains how the EU even facilitates the CIA’s (not „the Russians'“) attacks: „Once in Frankfurt CIA hackers can travel without further border checks to the 25 European countries that are part of the Shengen open border area — including France, Italy and Switzerland. A number of the CIA’s electronic attack methods are designed for physical proximity. These attack methods are able to penetrate high security networks that are disconnected from the internet, such as police record database. In these cases, a CIA officer, agent or allied intelligence officer acting under instructions, physically infiltrates the targeted workplace.

The attacker is provided with a USB containing malware developed for the CIA for this purpose, which is inserted into the targeted computer. The attacker then infects and exfiltrates data to removable media. For example, the CIA attack system Fine Dining, provides 24 decoy applications for CIA spies to use. To witnesses, the spy appears to be running a program showing videos (e.g VLC), presenting slides (Prezi), playing a computer game (Breakout2, 2048) or even running a fake virus scanner (Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos). But while the decoy application is on the screen, the underlaying system is automatically infected and ransacked.“ Among the targets of CIA hackers are also webcams and Samsung smart TVs – and probably cars: „Newly released documents by Wikileaks reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency explored hacking the control systems of modern vehicles, potentially to carry out ‚undetectable assassinations‘. Thanks to a new whistleblower who some are dubbing Snowden 2.0, the whistleblower outfit has leaked 8,761 files ‚from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia.‘ One of the documents released as part of the ‘Vault 7’ dump relates to the CIA’s interest in hijacking computerized control systems that are used in modern cars and trucks.“

This points at the mysterious death of Michael Hastings:  “As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations,” writes Wikileaks and Infowars adds:  „After the death of journalist Michael Hastings in 2013, who contacted Wikileaks just hours before his death to inform them that he was under FBI investigation, speculation swirled as to whether his apparent high speed car crash in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles was actually a targeted assassination.  Hastings sent an email hours before his death stating he was ‚onto a big story‘ and needed ‚to go off the rada[r] for a bit.‘ It later emerged that the story was likely to have been an exposé of the CIA.“ Hastings tried to get off the radar after his investigation of surveillance but this might have been too late.

Obama and eavesdropping (Facebook)

Steve Pieczenik said  months ago that Edward Snowden was part of a coup against the deep state in order to cut the wings of agencies who are completely out of control. And he explains today at Infowars (it is worth seeing the whole broadcast) a difference between military and civilian intelligence (CIA) which might apply to the US as at the CIA you can tell nonsense cover stories no military trained personnel would buy. From my experience in Austria where covert operations which I realize and describe and try to counter officers mostly don’t understand. They are more inclined to believe CIA fairytales about former Defense Minister Norbert Darabos who once was a civil servant but understood a lot of security and intelligence (and was/is under total surveillance), Ironically he is back in the game as the Social Democrats under the Soros affiliated Chancellor Christian Kern want to sacrifice him. He was always sealed off and under pressure but should take the blame for changes in a treaty with EADS over the procurement of Eurofighters for airspace surveillance and defense. Kern’s adviser is Tal Silberstein, who once worked for Stanley Greenberg (who himself once worked for Soros‘ Open Society Institute) and who knew Darabos from the election campaign in 2006 before he became minister.

Greenberg, Soros and John Podesta planned to overtake the United States prior to Barack Obama’s election as the Podesta e-mails revealed.  The pattern John Stauber layed out in 2012 of rich Democrats infiltrating the progressive movement souds very familiar. Greenberg was behind an attempt to remove Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu. And of couse George Soros played a role as staged protest is always a part of his regime changes. Greenberg and Silberstein are attributed to Isreali Mossad as an article from Botswana explains. Soros and his assets want to create majorities for open borders and therefore denounce Conservatives and true Leftists as well as citizens who don’t want to loose their national identity over „welcome refugees„. The new relevations on surveillance show us that you are watched unless you get away from any electronic device. As Donald Trump is himself a person of interest seen as an enemy by those who have to serve him he knows very well what is at stake when no communcation and no car is safe. He has support by those in the intelligence community who are against false flags and assassinations. One of the „Vault 7“ documents proves that „Russian“ cyber attacks can be staged which means they could make a false flag in order to activate article 5 of NATO treaty against Russia. Remember what Hillary Clinton always ranted about? This is the goal of all that false „the Russians did it“ narrative.

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