Why this blog?

In the U.S. alternative media play a bigger role than in Europe but it is vital to cooperate and to know more about the U.S. deep state and its strategies and connections in Europe. As I usually write in German some  informations get lost to those who don’t understand it. But I and others watch striking parallels beetween strategies in the U.S. and in Europe, so we can unite in fighting those who want us to give up freedom for a global „superstate“ without borders. I’d never been to the U.S. (fighting against the globalists in Europe can mean that you loose everything as I experienced so how can I affort to travel there?) but I am impressed which development is possible. We need each other: you can help us get rid of the globalists and we can help you in your fight against them. As in U.S. alternative media reporting on Europe ist mostly based on (biased) mainstream i will provide an alternative to that.

You find many articles (in German but with using sources also in English) on my other blog:


Enjoy reading!

Alexandra Bader


Twitter: cw_alexandra

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.bader.96



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