George Soros wants to bring down Hungarian Government

One of the „enemies“ of many European politicians and MSM is the Hungarian Government which defends European values and culture and refuses to call illegal immigrants „refugees“. The pattern of covert influence via more than 60 Soros funded NGOs is visible in Hungary as in other countries but the Government takes steps against it. So Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto openly spoke about the undermining of society in a recent RT interview. The Minister critizes NGOs for claiming that they represent the citizen’s wishes and demands and asks who has elected them and who has given them a mandate. He says that it always is the Government and the Parliament which have to represent the population and that NGOs with foreign funding lack transparency.

„The approach that NGOs represent the society is very dangerous“ he puts it and describes a situation similar to other European countries where hijacked NGOs also see themselves as „the“ civil society speaking for „the“ decent and human parts of the population. This non legitimized NGOs (Szijjarto questions that „non“ governmental  is the correct term) frame all who don’t want illegal mass immigration from Muslim countries as indecent and inhumane. At the same time they turn their backs on domestic poverty and homelessness but light the people up to protest for free public transport for „refugees“ and to offer them free housing privately and whatever these migrants (mostly young men) might need.

It is, says Szijjarto, unfair to expect transparency from the Government only because all organizations which have an impact on society should be transparent. Of course intranspartent funding is common characteristic of all „NGOs“ in the Soros network. When in Austria former Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner wanted to subtract donations „NGOs“ got for caring for „refugees“ Soros‘ fifth columns quickly organized protest via petition and a small demonstration. Brainwashed folks didn’t realize that naive donors were cheated as nobody knows what their money is used for if the Government has to pay everything. So „NGOs“ pay (with taxpayer’s money) even that „refugees“ get priority in hospitals. „They pay everything, it’s okay“ is a parole often heard in Germany and Austria while citizens are treated quite different especially when they are poor.

The OPEN network was founded by Ben Brandzel who worked for MoveOn and Avaaz; both are Soros funded and campaign against President Trump. One of the members of OPEN is the Austrian campaign „NGO“ who organized protests against the attempt to demand transparency concerning donations for „refugees“. also pushed attempts to censor the internet and to prosecute people who defend their country under the label „hatespeech“ and unfortunately the Austrian Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter fell into their trap. But while in Austria and other countries Soros‘ undermining the state-strategy is taboo Hungary is taking action.

Szijjarto points out that „NGOs“ financed by foreigners, foreign foundations „and – horribile dictu – foreign governments“ have to be hold accountable. It is interesting that Government transparency is always demanded with the help of Transparency International, another Soros funded organization.  Soros said that he would „continue to work with local groups despite goverment’sopposition“. The Hungarian position is that every „NGO“ who wants to influence the people’s opinion and public affairs has to be transparent and to explain why they have their specific approach. Szijjarto says Soros has „already announced that he wants this Government to fail“ which is nothing less than a regime change attempt. „I find this very anti democracy if someone from abroad likes to influence Hungarian voters who to vote for“, states Szijjarto, „it’s the obvious right of a country, of a government to protect from external influence“.


Hungarian-Austrian border (crossed in 2015 by masses of illegals)

The Ministers explains that the danger of such influence is very clear in the U.S. where Soros was one of the Clinton donators (and organizes protest against President Trump). The American position „has a very good reason and can be our position as well“ because „we have to protect ourselves“. Of course measures will apply to all „NGOs“ to make plain and fair rules without double standards. He questions the abbrevation „NGO“ as many of them are affiliated with other Governments or with organizations or businesses who have ties to Governments. Sziijarto points out that George Soros has „a very clear association with the Democrats and the Clinton family“ and „he clearly had a very strong influence on U.S: foreign policy and on the politics of the Clinton family“.

Many Hungarian politicians had scholarships from Soros foundations and studied abroad but this doesn’t mean they have to tolerate his covert interfering in Hungarian politics. „To see the world and get skills is not the same as funding NGOs that are working against the Government – these are two different things“, Szijjarto says. The political relationships between Hungary and the U.S. „were at the deepest point within the recent years“ as „there were very clear attempts form the U.S: to interfere into our internal relationships“. He gives the interviewer an example: As his first visit to the U.S. as Foreign Minister a high-ranking State Department official gave him a non-paper with two pages containing measures the U.S. wants Hungary to implement in it’s own country. „I mean, come on, it’s too much, it’s an interference in our internal relations“.

Such papers are not about bilateral relations but clearly about internal affairs, f.e. laws and regulations Hungary is expected to adopt. Now Hungary hopes there will be better relations as the positions of the new Administration on immigration and foreign policy are very similar. On experiences with Soros‘ strategy the Minister says that he doesn’t supervise the intelligence agencies but they say „there were organizations which help illegal migrants to find ways to Hungary“ and where they can „violate our borders and to find out how to apply for asylum“. The intelligence report said that George Soros was behind this organizations, Szijjarto says. It matches research critical real journalists and others did on how Europe was flooded with illegal immigrants as there was f.e. live webcam transmission from the Balkan „route“ as I describe in an article about MSM and „NGO“ hype about the Greek-Macedonian border in Idomeni last year.


Hungarian-Austrian border

The Hungarian FM refuses to use the term „refugees“ as they are migrants and explains the Schengen system with open borders inside the EU but border control on the outside which affects Hungary at the border to Serbia. In 2015 400.000 migrants crossed the border between Hungary and Serbia and Croatia (Hungary and Croatia are EU members) and Szijjarto asks how somebody (pictures show mostly young men though MSM concentrate on fewer women and children) can be considered as a refugee. „There is no war in Serbia, there is no war in Croatia“ he says in line with the Geneva Convention and the EU’s Dublin Agreement. „They might be considered as refugees in their neighboring countries if there is a war“, he says. He can’t speak for those in the EU who „carry out a open door policy“ so RT has to ask „high-ranking officials in Brussels“.

He knows „that it is a bad policy, it is harming the EU and it is dangerous“. It „actually undermines safety in Europe“ as „we are facing a terror threat more serious than ever“. To give up the Schengen system would harm European economy as it is based on just in time production relying on open transportation ways. In 2015 the German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered the Soros-guided illegal immigrants in Hungary that they are „welcome“ so they stormed the Hungarian-Austrian border especially at Nickelsdorf (where I took the pictures above last year when every car was controlled to find illegal immigrants smuggled to Austria). Via Soros-„NGOs“ and fake news MSM and politicians in Austria and Germany who are (U.S.) intelligence assets a climate was created to make mass immigration „acceptable“ (labelled as poor refugees running for their lives).

Former Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann attacked Hungarian politicians comparing the (falsely reported) treatment of these immigrants with the Nazis and the Holocaust. As the Austrian Defense Ministry was undermined by NATO and CIA the army was paralyzed and served as transport and  catering service for this migrants instead of safeguarding the control of our own territory. As Faymann tried to change his course in 2016, hijacked Social Democrat youth organizations, MSM and Soros-„NGOs“ campaigned against him until he resigned. His successor Christian Kern played a key role in transporting migrants to Germany as he then was CEO of the Austrian railway and immediately hyped by MSM as „Chancellor of the hearts“. He was visited by George and Alexander Soros last July (a few weeks after becoming Chancellor) but denies any knowledge about Soros influence in Austria while having much information.


Sign used in Europe too at a #MuslimBan protest in the U.S.

As Szijjarto puts it in an Al Jazeera interview last September the so called „refugees“ violate laws in Hungary and other countries and cause a severe threat to security. He explains that Hungary (though bashed by MSM and certain politicians) obeys international law and that „refugees“ have also obligations: „The right to a safe life is a fundamental human right, but picking a country where you would like to live in is not among fundamental human rights. So that’s why I raised the issue whether you can consider anyone as a refugee, who crosses at least four peaceful countries, like Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and then arrives to Hungary, because these people who seek for asylum had already at least four opportunities before Hungary to ask for asylum … It’s not only us, it’s also the migrants as well who have to respect international and national regulations.“

MSM like „Der Standard“ (whose editor attended many Bilderberg meetings) portray Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a right wing populist who wants strong ties with the U.S.. As the Foreign Minister puts it the country also wants closer ties with Russia; on the website of the UN we can compare his positions to those of his fellow Ministers on September 29th 2015. At the height of also Soros-caused „migrant crisis“ in 2015 the Minister was interviewed by the BBC as the Prime Minister called the migrants as a security threat and a threat to domestic culture. And while George Soros said at the WEF in Davos in January 2017  (co-sponsored by the Soros Fund Management) that Donald Trump „is doing the work of Isis“ it is clear that he is behind Clinton who took part in creating ISIS and that some see him as an ISIS sponsor.

Wayne Madsen (Ex-NSA) describes resistance in other European countries and points at The Netherlands where date of his transactions were released „by accident“: „The Soros data release comes at a particularly sensitive time in Dutch politics. The center-right government led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte is on the political ropes as it tries to fend off, in an election scheduled for March 15, a serious challenge by the right-nationalist Party for Freedom (PVV) of anti-migrant and anti-European Union leader Geert Wilders. An ally of Donald Trump, Wilders is likely to make political hay out of the fact that Soros, the champion of European open borders and mass migration, bet against Dutch banks. The Ides of March looks favorably upon a Wilders victory, an event that will drive another nail into the coffin of the European Union and Soros’s mass migration and open borders dream.


Gaddafi 2011, Women’s March 2017, Austrian election 2016

The Netherlands has not been particularly friendly to Soros and his goals. In November 2016, Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and two groups funded by Soros – the European Network Against Racism and Gender Concerns International – advertised job openings for Dutch youth ‚between the ages 17-26‘ who are Muslim immigrants and the children or grandchildren of Muslim immigrants to campaign against parties like those of Wilders and Rutte. Prime Minister Rutte recently issued a warning to migrants who refuse to assimilate into Dutch society. Of course, Rutte was not referring to the thousands of migrants from former Dutch colonies in the Dutch East and West Indies who had no problem adopting Dutch culture, religion, and social manners. Rutte, who faces a 9-point lead by Wilders’s PVV, had some pointed words for the Muslim migrants in the Netherlands.“ And this words could well have been uttered by Wilders himself. The mentioned network ENAR is of course among the Soros (intelligence) fronts active in Austria.

Macedonian analysis is summarized here by me and I can recommend to listen to interviews with Cvetin Chilimanov as his remarks are mirrored in so many countries. Wayne Madsen writes on other European states: „In Poland, where Soros has been very influential, a Member of Parliament for the ruling right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS), Krystyna Pawkowicz, recently demanded that Soros be stripped of Poland’s highest honor for foreigners, the Commander with Star of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. Pawkowicz considers Soros’s operations in Poland to be illegal. She also believes that Soros’s organizations are ‚financing the anti-democratic and anti-Polish element with a view to fight Polish sovereignty and indigenous Christian culture‘.“ Regime change attempts in Poland were set in place via instrumentalizing pro choice-women similar to the „Women’s March“ in January in the U.S. and in many Western cities.

Madsen mentions other countries: „Czech President Milos  Zeman said, in a 2016 interview, ’some of his [Soros’s] activities are at least suspicious and they strikingly remind of interferences in [countries‘] internal affairs. The organizing of what is known as color revolutions in individual countries is an interesting hobby, but it brings more harm than benefit to the countries concerned‘. Zeman claimed Soros was planning a color revolution for the Czech Republic. Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus sees Germany as „Europe’s battlefield“ and was interviewed by RT before Sziijjarto also on the Soros topic. Madsen points at the Baltic states:  „Aivars Lembergs, the mayor of Ventspils, Latvia and a leader of the Union of Greens and Peasants, wants Soros and his NGOs banned from Latvia. Lembergs argues that two Soros publications in Latvia – Delna and Providus – have propagandized in favor of Latvia receiving Muslim migrants.

Lembergs sees the migrants and Soros’s support for them as endangering Latvian state security. The mayor believes that ‚George Soros must be outlawed in Latvia. He must be banned from entering the country‘. In neighboring Lithuania, the Labor Party has also questioned Soros’s activities in the country. The party and its parliamentary allies have asked Lithuania’s security services to investigate the ‚financial schemes and networks‘ of Soros because of the threat they pose to national security. The Lithuanian parties claim that Soros groups specialize at ’not consolidating, but dividing, society‘.“ Why is it still not possible to discuss about Soros openly in Austria and Germany? Is the hidden influence so enormous due also to the chaos caused by illegal mass immigration which makes it for many people impossible to agree their „solidarity“ has been exploited brutally?

PS: President Trump already took action against dubios fundings at the 2020 election campaigns:  „The move effectively bars interest groups from creating nonprofits which they could funnel money into for the purposes of opposing Trump’s initiatives. This will likely create chaos for political opponents of Trump such as George Soros, who has sunk significant amounts of money into various nonprofit groups with the intent of opposing Trump’s government.“

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