Merkel visits Trump: What you must know

Media report that trade relations will be in the center of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit in Washington. Due to bad weather the trip is delayed until Friday so we have time to explain what is going on in Europe with Germany as an epicenter. German mainstream just has revealed a secret agreement with Turkey on taking Syrian refugees. Between 150.000 and 250.000 should be send directly to Germany which reminds critical citizens of the so-called „Merkel Plan“. In December 2015 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban claimed that Merkel had a „secret pact“ with Turkey concerning half a million Syrians each year for the EU.

In spring 2016 it became public that the then promoted „Merkel Plan“ could be called „Soros Plan“ as it was developed by the think tank European Stability Initiative which is supported by the Open Society Foundations, the Erste Group and others. The CEO of the (Austrian) Erste Bank Andreas Treichl is chair of the OSF’s advisory board and the bank’s foundation often cooperates with Soros or with Soros funded institutes, projects and groups. It seems that new revelations on Merkel and Turkey prove secret agreements showing Merkel as another pawn in the game of Soros and the deep state. And while Donald Trump was heavily critized by German politicians, only some exceptions blamed Obama for NSA spying, his illegal wars and the drone war with the US base Ramstein as a relais station.

Former US President Barack Obama repeatedly called Angela Merkel one of his closest political friends and visited her after Donald Trump was elected (see video above). When Obama tries to command an uprising against his successor this would be impossible without deep state and George Soros support. German political observers see a shift in MSM from Merkel to the Social Democrats‘ top candidate Martin Schulz (one of many „reliable allies“ of George Soros in Europe) as they praise him in a ridiculous way before the elections in autumn. At present there is a conflict between Turkey and several EU members on political events with politicians from Turkey who address people with double citizenships or who are just Turks working in the EU. Some fear this should escalate in rioting Turks on the streets of Europe fighting f.e. against Kurds and of course against state authorities. Such a scenario can be part of bringing Muslim popuation to fight „the West“ they are living in.

But we also have to remember that the failed coup against Turkish Premier Recep Tayyib Erdogan was no false flag of Erdogan himself (as many MSM claim) but far more likely an US covert operation. If a country has experience with deep state structures illoyal to the own government it is Turkey as the term „deep state“ originally derives from the Ottoman Empire. As far as deals on „refugees“ are concerned Turkey can open the floodgates in stopping to prevent people from seeking dangerous ways to Europe. And often they are not so dangerous, as networks financed by Soros and others assist „refugees“ (who are none when crossing several borders) pooring into Europe. When many so called refugees entered the center of Europe via the Balkans the website became known for it’s live monitoring the routes and other support. It is a typical Soros front and the domain was registered in 2010 – a year before Libya and Syria were destabilized. The „Merkel Plan“ (i.e. „Soros Plan“) was widely presented also in ministries as I point out here.

Next comes the „Malta Plan“ promoted around an EU summit a in Malta a few weeks ago – there the Soros front ESI let the cat out of the bag and made a proposal for „large-scale resettlement“ of migrants in Europe. This parallels an official partnership with the Canadian Government on „resettlement“ which is supplemented by efforts to educate the population being „friendly“ to the medieval culture migrants bring with them. European security forces are to a great extend unaware of the kind of stealth warfare that unfolds in front of their eyes. Only some Eastern European countries treat Soros NGOs as intelligence fronts and see the danger to stability and survival when society is undermined from within. It is – as in the US itself – more the concern of critical citizens and of former military and intelligence personnel as citizens to explain what is going on and to stand up against it.


The Jazz musician and author Gilad Atzmon perfectly portrays the hijacked leftist scene in a few words: They are very cheap as one night in a Holiday Inn is enough to by them. Indeed Soros‘ contributions to countless NGOs, projects, institutes, media, networks, umbrella organizations etc. are often small compared with f.e. state subsidies but they are decisive. So Soros forms the progressive Left and generates an effect where every real leftist is hated and blocked by his fifth columns who still believe they are „thinking“ in a progressive way. Atzmon writes in an article: „Soros realised many decades ago that it is very easy to buy leftist institutions and activists. Since the 1980s, Soros has used his Open Society Institute to invest a fraction of his shekels in some ‘left leaning’ political groups and NGOs worldwide. Soros funds NGOs, activists and Left institutions that are willing to subscribe to his agend.

They support a cosmopolitan philosophy and are dedicated to Soros’ anti nationalist mantra. The outcome has been devastating. Instead of uniting working people, Soros funded ‘left’ organisations divide workers into sectarian groups defined by gender, sex orientation and skin colour.“ Once you discover this common features of the hidden Soros engagement you recognize it everywhere else and you understand why especially Conservative governments as in Macedonia or Hungary are targeted because they don’t want open borders. A vital part of Soros‘ political agenda (he is among the most important CIA allies) is creating alternative i.e. open border majorities. The „cheap Left“ means also the (traditionally) US / CIA oriented Socialist youth organizations. That most journalists see themselves on the Left is another piece that fits very well into this scenario. Power to mobilize and knowledge how to do it is far more on the left side of the political spectrum than anywhere else. And if non Soros groups manage to bring many people to the streets they are immediately denounced and counter protests are organized.

A few days ago media revealed that Germany was at the brink of closing its borders in autumn 2015 after Angela Merkel hat invited „refugees“ who stranded in Hungary to come to Germany. For Austria this scenario would have meant being overrun by mostly Muslim men whose passage to Germany was even very hard to manage for Austrian authorities as many of them stayed several days at the border between Hungary and Austria on the Austrian side or at one of Austria’s major train stations. In 2016 the Austrian foreign military intelligence service leaked a paper where it warned that we might easily become Europe’s „asylum waiting room“ with estimated half a million (again mostly Muslim men) that had to be housed, cared for and kept under control by a population of 8,6 millions on 84.000 square kilometers. Although such a development is a nightmare and the end of Austria Soros vasalls still believe in „refugees welcome“ and „no border“ as limits to (in fact) illegal immigration are „inhumane“ as this brainwashed folks believe. When Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump she carries „her“ position on that in her luggage as she also „believes“ limits to illegal immigrations destroy Europe and not the exact opposite.

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