Austrian President: Women should wear Hijab

Since January Alexander Van der Bellen, the former head of the Green Party, is Austrian President. His campaign had some parallels to that of Emmanuel Macron as it was called a „movement“ and labelled as „independent“. After he and Norbert Hofer (Freedom Party) remained for the second round it was a constellation similar to France with the whole establishment for one candidate. A TV report now quotes Van der Bellen discussing in March with schoolkids saying literally: „It is the right of a woman – do men also wear headscarfs? – to dress however they like. This is my opinion. And not only Muslim women. Every woman can wear a hijab. And when things proceed this way – which brings me to the next question – concerning the real increase of islamophobia the day will come when we ask all women to wear a hijab, also in solidarity whith those who do it for religious reasons.“

When the TV report cut him off the full version (on the Facebook page of the EU in Vienna) this makes it even worse as he compared veiled women with the legend of Danes who in WW II attached Yellow Stars to their clothes in order to protect Jews (which is untrue). The increase of Antisemitism in Europe is not a result of never dying out Nazis but of mass immigration from Muslim countries and authorities who are unable to deport whoever has no right to get asylum. While Van der Bellen’s team complains that the public broadcaster ORF took him „out of context“ (in „Report„) this context makes it even worse. Those who intimidate not only Jews are compared with Jews whose lives were in danger. If we try to imagine what Austria or any other Western country whould look like if „all women wear hijab in solidarity“ it is the picture of a state completely overtaken by Islam.

(Social Democrat) Women for Van der Bellen (Facebook)

After many negative reactions while leftist and conservative politicians remained silent (as well as women’s organizations) Van der Bellen’s entourage quickly explained that it was ironic and the public at the debate was not so intellectual as it were teens. But how can we not understand what the president means? He does not side with men and women who fight oppression in the  name of Islam but backs their opponents. He is no supporter of the Iranian „Men in Hijab„-initiative where men take photos of themselves veiled in solidarity with their mothers, partners, sisters and daughters and describe how it feels to be covered. He seems to be a fan of Swedish women who ignore that many parts of their country are no go-areas because of Muslim men and wear a headscarf in solidarity for Muslim women.

As Van der Bellen is a globalist who calls Austria „dwarf state“ he is an agent of open borders, mass immigration and Islamization. The hijab is the perfect symbol for archaic male control over women because men suggest that other men lose control over themselves when they see female hair (a sex symbol?). Whenever something is a male problem and responsibility is delegated to women they are ot treated as individuals with their own rights not depending on men. It is exactly what women stood up against many decades ago and is still not in the consciousness of every „white“ citizen. Van der Bellen must lobby for mass immigration and downplay the negative effects of importing a totally different culture. It is not about „solidarity“ but about domination though many women didn’t realize that they marched (also in Vienna) on January 21 for Islam and hijab. To no surprise 62 % of  Van der Bellens voters on December 4, 2016 were women (now deeply disappointed?) who believed that „open mindedness“ means freedom and not opening the doors to a partriachal religion.

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