Fake News on Trump and Fake News

Mainstream media in the US and in Europe critize Donald Trump for declaring „the“ media „the“ enemy of the people and say he „hates“ them. In fact he explains how damaging false narratives are which create those media who spread fake news. They are indeed enemies of citizens that want to be informed and can’t differ between false or true when they are not part of a story. As Trump mentioned in his recent speech, fake news begin with fake polls that suggests it’s not worth voting for a candidate who probably has no chance.

Trumps next „fauxpas“ is his refusal to attend the White House Correspondents‘ Dinner. The White House Correspondents‘ Association was found in 1914 and hold itsd dinner without women until 1962. As since 1983 a comedian holds a speech mocking the president Trump might miss better jokes than he faces in the MSM and from Hollywood. Not being there is a signal in the fight on hegemonial discourse because Trump shows them that they need him and not vice versa. Once journalists just had the job to report unless they did something extraordinary, With Edward Bernays, the father of modern PR, they became stars themselves and where subject to medias‘ attention.

Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Commitee

This shift of paradigm had serious consequences as being just the person who explains the context f.e. of political decisions and who concentrates on what people really say is something different. True journalism can afford from time to time to get involved personally when things are covered up and it is for the greater common good to investigate. But under normal circumstances you have to be fair and unbiased as everybody has his or her reasons for a standpoint. Trump is not treated fair but fair game including calls for his assassination. Neither the Golden Globes nor the Oscars can be celebrated without smearing the president. And neither actors nor journalists are politicians but try to pressurize those who have the people’s mandate.

It is possible to favor a military coup in the US (Chile 1973 style) without facing any consequences. Again those have every space in mainstream media who are the most lunatic. When Trump questions medias‘ right to keep sources anonymous many see the freedom of press in danger. But he refers to unsubstanciated reports based on unknown sources with constructions entirely build on making claims impossible to validate by tracing them back. How cases were made on pure lies against the president even before he was sworn in illustrates the golden shower hoax. Of course this is part of the constant „the Russians did it“ narrative which is so useful for MSM to „stabilize“ its house of cards.

Barack Obama makes fun of Donald Trump (2012)

Media in Europe are fighting for their own survival when they promote the „Trump excluses critical media from the White House“ lie. Fake news are not critical but fake news as they accompagńy every build up for regime change, military intervention or war. In other words MSM in the US and in Europe are vital parts of a regime change attempt in the US as well as they engage everywhere for the interests of globalists like George Soros. The alternative media movement began with people who realized there is something going wrong and thanks to the internet they could do research and then go public themselves. Among the new journalists are many who once worked for the MSM and started to reveal how the audience is betrayed.

And there are former agents, retired officers, many academics and persons from completely different professions who gradually turned into reliable and valuable sources via blogging, producing videos and being present in alternative programs. Journalism basically is a trade meaing you have to train your skills but with this instrúment you can debunk fake news and uncover covert operations which are set in place also via media. Part of the false narrative are media producers themselves as their self drawn image is a total fraud. It should persuade you that they are trustworthy compared f.e. to „the“ net and sites listed by Soros-financed anti fake news initiatives. Fake journalists never do their job when real journalists must investigate and connect the dots for people who want to rely on informations and can’t do research on their own.

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