Adviser to Austrian Chancellor calls for military coup against Trump

Robert Misik is a contributor to fake news MSM and an adviser to Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern whose biography he has just published. When the former Chancellor Werner Faymann was attacked in Soros-color revolution style over immigration policies, Misik also took active part in agitating against him, On February 1st Misik shared a Tweet about an „unannounced trip“ of President Donald Trump whose destination is not disclosed. And he commented that this message makes him dream: „CIA, the Allende issue would be about, wouldn’t it?“

The freedom party announced a parliamentary inquiry in a press release and stated: „If the closest adviser, author of speeches and biographer of Chancellor Christian Kern, the hobby intellectual Robert Misik calls for a military coup against the democratically elected US President it is necessary to ask what is going in the Austrian Chancellory.“ The US supported the military coupagainst President Salvador Allende as they created according to Foreign Secretary Henry Kissinger the best conditions for it. As a consequence Allende committed suicide and many citizens were victims of the brutally military dictatorship unter Augusto Pinochet.

misikallendeRobert Misik on Twitter

The Freedom Party wants to know, „if Kern will follow the advice of his aide and head towards a military coup in the US“. And if this is not the case they recommend Kern to change his staff of advisers. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Misik follows the lead of „presstitutes“ like Josef Joffe, the editor of „Die Zeit“ (who says „murder in the White House“ is „a possibility“) as he is a contributor to this magazine. In „Die Zeit“ and other papers Misik promotes the Soros-deep state-rogue CIA elements-agenda of no border and destabilization of nation states. Last February I confronted Misik at an event with his real agenda while he poses as an „anticapitalist“ fighter (who serves capitalists like George Soros). People like Misik stand for the whole pattern of deception as they agitate against the Government when it limits illegal immigration and stimulate protest f.e. last year at the Greek-Macedonian border in Idomeni.

He smeared former Chancellor Faymann to promote his friend Christian Kern and is very present at debates and in media. Now he has published a biography of Kern which should give the public „unique insights from behind the scenes“ as Misik is one of his closest aides. Both Misik and Kern presented the book last November in Vienna, and when the Social Democrats in Parliament made a competition on Facebook the prices were Misik books about Victor Adler, the founder of the Social Democrats. Misik has a videoblog on the website of the Bilderberg newspaper „Der Standard“ where he recently claimed that President Trump is mentally ill and had to be brought by force to a psychiatric clinic. At the same time he presented himself as „the“ absolute insider concerning a crisis in the Social Democrat / Conservative Government.


Misiks Book about Kern

After I did extensive research on covert Soros influence in Austria, Misik framed me in one of his videos as a „conspiracy theorist“ without mentioning my name. Of course he is an opportunist and a coward but so he could spread fake news about my carefully documented conclusions. No wonder Hungarian President Viktor Orban is among those he attacks constantly as in Hungary state sovereignty and the preservation of the own culture has top priority. On January 30th Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto spoke out on George Soros‘ attempt to remove the Government and the fatal influence via more than 60 NGOs serving as „fronts“(as seen also in other countries).

The Freedom Party must be aware that their inquiry might not be answered in a proper way. After it became public that Alexander Soros has visited the new Chancellor Kern last summer (Soros postet Kerns door shield on Instagram) the Team Stronach made an inquiry that was answered in October last year. Kern tells them it was George Soros‘ initiative and the George and Alexander Soros and other employees of the Open Society Foundation and some of his own staff took part in the meeting. Kern falsely claimed he knew nothing about a Soros‘  involvement in Austria which was clearly untrue as he was informed about a pattern of various fundings. It is no suprise that neither Kern nor Misik ever stood up against US military interventions or Obamas seven illegal wars.

PS:  More on the background here in German.

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