Former Obama adviser calls for coup in the US

Calls for the assassination of President Donald Trump or for a military coup are part of a dynamics which could become dangerous. It seems that Soros vassals like Rosa Brooks set the tune and others follow via social media. Rosa Brooks is the daughter of Socialist author Barbara Ehrenreich and worked from 2009 to 2011 for the State Department and the Department of Defense. She now uses her Foreign Policy befasst column to discuss ways getting rid of Trump – among them to declare he’s mentally insane but most bizarre idea is a military coup:

„The fourth possibility is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders. The principle of civilian control of the military has been deeply internalized by the U.S. military, which prides itself on its nonpartisan professionalism. What’s more, we know that a high-ranking lawbreaker with even a little subtlety can run rings around the uniformed military. During the first years of the George W. Bush administration, for instance, formal protests from the nation’s senior-most military lawyers didn’t stop the use of torture. When military leaders objected to tactics such as waterboarding, the Bush administration simply bypassed the military, getting the CIA and private contractors to do their dirty work.“

brooksOn Brooks @ Twitter

Note that different but always Soros affiled groups and individuals like Media Matters-founder David Brock are campaigning for an Impeachment. It seems quite unrealistic as the military and most of the CIA are on the President’s side. The MSM ignored that Trump was empowered by a „counter coup“ of military and intelligence men and women who stood up against the „coup“ of the clinton team. One of Trumps first actions after the inauguration was a visit to the CIA where he held a speech in front of 400 employees while others wanted to listen. He said maybe he will build a new hall without columns and referred to his experience in building and construction and asked  „do you understand me?“. As „column“ not only stands for „pillar“ this seems a warning against „fifth columns“ in the CIA as former DCI John Brennan, a Wahhabi Muslim.

Biographic details for Rosa Brooks show some references to Soros as she was a „special counsel to the president at George Soros‘ Open Society Institute“, „a consultant for Human Rights Watch“, „a board member of Amnesty International USA“ and she makes Israel responsible for every failure in the Middle East. In 2006 she called President George W. Bush a „torturer-in-chief“ while Obamas seven illegal wars were okay for her. It is interesting that the Open Society Foundations uncovered in 2011 CIA „black sites“ in Poland wile Brook claims Trump will reopen such sites. This might have some plausibility as Gina Haspel is the new DDCI and maintained a „black site“ in Thailand. Ironically the „sexist“ and „misogynist“ Trump promotes women to such a degree that a woman is appointed Deputy Director of the CIA. Of course her „diagnosis“ of Trump’s „mental illness“  mirrors MSM narrative which is supported by some therapists or psychiatrists.

silvermanActress Sarah Silverman (Twitter)

Many experts still take serious how MSM describes politicians and their decisions because they think they get real information. While those who have intelligence background or experience see the outcome of covert operations and don’t think leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel are crazy (when abandoning border control) and know the Black Live Matters and MoveOn protesters are instrumentalized. As Rosa Brooks worked for the Obama Administration here views are good documented. Many pointed at her Soros- and Council on Foreign Relations-background and some saw her even as a Sharia Law propagandist while a commentary had the title „Welcome to the Soros Pentagon!“. From the  Podesta-E-Mails we learn she attended a dinner with George Soros and wrote afterwards to Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta: „John, Nice to see you at George’s….“ and then she pointed at her latest pro-Clinton articles:

„Below are links to a couple of recent pieces I wrote on HRC, including a Neera-inspired *mea culpa* from last summer and the piece I mentioned to you on advice to HRC from women foreign policy experts, and a longer piece on US strategy“, in the Washington Post  and in Foreign Policy (Nr. 1 and Nr. 2). And she offered: „Let me know if there is anything I can do to be helpful to you and Jake. You’ve got plenty of talent you can tap already, but if I can be of help either on substantive matters or on the strategy/communications side, please let me know. I’m on sabbatical as of a few weeks from now, so have more free time than usual — and am happy to do appropriate penance for past sins of snarkiness!“ After Brooks now came out with her „military coup“ Hollywood actress and Bernie Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman told her 9.8 million Twitter followers to ‚join the resistance‘.“

This happened on February 1st and at the same day the Austrian author Robert Misik who is an adviser to Chancellor Christian Kern and his biographer retweeted a message on Trumps unannounced trip with Marine One adding that he started dreaming: „CIA, the Allende issue would be about, wouldn’t it?“ So far neither the Chancellor nor the Social Democrats (whose member Misik is and where he is often invited to speak) were willing to comment. Of course Misik represents the hidden Soros‘ agenda of mass immigration and open borders and is therefore contributor to the MSM. In 2006 he even referred to a piece of Rosa Brooks about President Bush as the „torturer-in-chief“ in einem Artikel. The Marine One-message dealt with the return of the remains of Navy Seal William Owens who died at a raid in Yemen against Al Qaida. The Austrian Chancellor who was silent on Obama’s wars (and is it on his Soros ties) now critizes President Trump for US military interventions as well as Soros‘ „reliable allies“ in European Parliament like the Austrian Social Democrat Evelyn Regner.

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