Media or CIA assets?

Nearly everything in the MSM about Donald Trump and his decisions is disinformation or at least has to be checked first. This reaches far beyond the U.S. as European media are also used to create a false narrative. And still many people don’t realize how far that treason goes so they believe the MSM even if others prove they are caught lying again and again. In the last days the MSM claimed Trump will built the Dakota Access Pipeline as planned by the Obama administration and that he wants a no-fly-zone in Syria as  Hillary Clinton demanded.

in reality the pipeline „is 70 miles from the Standing Rock Sioux’s water resources in North Dakota“ and Trump is for safe zones in Syria which are not to be confused with no-fly-zones.  When Trump was interviewed by ABC News they used breaks to promote the show „Designated Survivor“ where a president is shot. As in Europe real news are denounced as „fake news“ by organizations with ties to George Soros. But when Media Matters engages „behind the scenes“ with Facebook for censorship it is one of the groups who gather to get Donald Trump impeached.

When Victoria F*ck the EU* Nuland (who was engaged in the coup in Ukraine in 2014) and other employees leave the State Department, MSM describe it as if trustworthy personnel quits. Meanwhile a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is prepared which takes place on Saturday. Be aware that news agencies are CIA outlets when you read what Reuters states: „Trump will also have a telephone conversation the same day with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and that call is expected to focus on Russia, a source in Berlin familiar with the matter said. Trump has said in the past that, as part of the rapprochement he is seeking with Russia, he is prepared to review the sanctions that Washington imposed on Russia over its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula.

That move is likely to face resistance from both influential figures in Washington and foreign leaders — Merkel among them — who argue sanctions should only be eased if Moscow complies with the West’s conditions on Ukraine. Trump is already under intense scrutiny at home from critics who say he was elected with help from Russian intelligence — an allegation he denies — and that he is too ready to cut deals with a country that many of his own officials say is a threat to U.S. security. Trump and Putin last spoke in November, when Putin rang Trump to congratulate him on winning the presidential election.“ Again the narrative of „the Russians did it“ (because the deep state candidate Clinton failed) is reproduced and Angela Merkel (MSM call her „the leade of the free world“) is offered as an alternative to Trump.

In Germany there will be a parliamentary election in autumn; (fake?) polls show that Merkel has a high approval rate regardless the notion of a  majority that „her“ illegale immigration poiitics betray Germany and jeopardize the countries‘ future. The top candidate of the Social Democrats Martin Schulz is also „highly approved“ because he stands more for the deep state than Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel who was framed in a „study“ of the Atlantic Council about alleged „Trojan Horses“ of the Kremlin in Europe. In 2014 when Schulz was top candidate of the EU Social Democrats I tried to talk to him about covert (CIA) influence on the Austrian Social Democrats (former Defense Minister and then party manager Norbert Darabos under pressure and surveillance) but he paniked as if I called him a CIA asset. And note that George Soros influenced the EU elections via funding for various advocacy groups as leaks revealed last year.


The crazy story of Donald Trump“ (published by the newspaper „Österreich“)

Of course Martin Schulz is on the list of MEPs who are accessable for Soros as around 30 % of the parliamentarians are „potential allies“. I remember him in the election campaign 2014 visiting Vienna (after the experience I described above) and pretending to be against TTIP while the same evening when confronted back in Germany with hundreds and thousands of signatures of citizens defending the agreement. Was he for TTIP and against it at the same time? As being no asset but a real journalist I had no chance at his Vienna visit to speak with him again, When asking in 2016 the seven Austrian MEPS on the Soros list (Green Party: Ulrike Lunacek, Michel Reimon, Monika Vana, Social Democrats: Josef Weidenholzer, Eugen Freund  – a former ORF journalist -.  Evelyn Regner and from the Neos Angelika Mlinar) if they are „potential allies“ of the regime changer and globalist they refused to answer; Reimon mocked me as a „conspiracy theorist“.

The destructive role of Soros is far more in consciouness in the U.S. and in Eastern Europe while in Western Europe many citizens still don’t know that he influences public debate and political decisions via various funding for NGOs, networks on national and international level, projects, meetings, studies, proposals and experts. For the MSM he just is a „star investor“, a „hedgefonds manager“ and an „American billionaire“ and his role f.e. in making a big „Women’s March“ possible is concealed from the public. In summer 2016 it became known that the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern was visited by Soros‘ son Alexander a few weeks after he came into office (after Chancellor Werner Faymann resigned as a result of constant bullying over a shift in immigration politics). The Chancellory and the Social Democratic Party bureau refused to comment on that and they still keep silent. The pattern is always the same: Alexander Soros represents the agenda of his father and meets with top Democratic (or Social Democratic) politicians and noboby in the party questions it.

Jon Rappoport was once working for CBS and uses his blog Nomorefakenews to inform about the real role of the MSM. In this piece he quotes anonymous sources from the mainstream like this: “Most reporters who cover major issues are de facto intelligence assets. Some know it, most don’t. They’re all taking their information from controlled sources. It’s like somebody giving you talking points as if they’re the honest truth. In these talking points, you’re told who the players are in a story and what they’re doing. But they aren’t the important players, and what they’re doing is just a cover for what’s really going on. It’s all about misdirection. I’ve managed to get a few stories published about illusion vs. reality. But the thing is, no one follows up on that. It’s in print, and then it dies. One night, I had a little heart to heart with my editor. I told him it would be a lot easier if I just had a desk at the CIA in Langley. He agreed. He said we could move the whole paper there. But then the spooks would realize they didn’t need us at all. They could put out the paper themselves.”


„The end of the world“

This is exactly what is going on till now and „journalists“ (assets) are only needed to cover it up. Everything of any importance is scripted and no politician who wants to serve his own country gets any chance in the liestream. If you are a real journalist you are outside the media business and have to survive somehow – which is very hard if too many people are blind for the degree of deception and disinformation they can’t escape. When WikiLeaks released US embassy cables MSM were totally partisan and made critical remarks to their own position as a quote of this analysis shows: „Crucial in this debate (on Austrian neutrality) have been internal documents of the US embassy in Vienna, which were made public by Wikileaks in late 2010 (Cable 10STATE17263). These documents criticised Austrian leaders, and Minister of Defence Norbert Darabos in particular, for being “openly hostile” to committing troops to dangerous operations such as in Afghanistan and Iraq (Presse 2010).“

The author fails to mention that the cable was signed by the CIA station chief (serving as interimistic ambassador) and that „Die Presse“ is a typical fake news asset. As „Der Spiegel“ also publishes news in English the American public could read this: „Referring to Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, they write: ‚It has become clear that Faymann has no personal interest in foreign affairs.‘ In the US diplomats‘ view, Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger ‚has seemed to focus largely on economic penetration‘ for Austrian business interests. Defense Minister Norbert Darabos, the cables continue, is not just ‚uninterested in foreign and international security policy,‘ but is also ‚openly hostile to deploying Austrian troops on dangerous missions abroad.'“ Real news are that he was set under pressure and sealed off BECAUSE he knew too much about international politics and didn’t want to put soldiers and Austrian neutrality at hazard and who was against the missile defense.  The situation began to deteriorate for him during the election campaign 2006 (before he became Minister) when the former party head Alfred Gusenbauer hired Tal Silberstein as advisor who is described in this critical report from Botswana referring to sources in Romania as a Mossad Agent.


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