The covert war against Trump

If we connect the dots between different protests and key Clinton supporters and know how color revolutions were set in place in other countries we realize there is a secret war going on against President Trump. The field of operations is more or less the whole world but with focus on „the“ West as media, celebrities and leftist groups seem to act in line everywhere.  As „spontaneous“ demonstrations two and a half month after the election the Women’s March in more than 670 cities would not have had a turnout of millions of women and men.

When we discover that more than 50 partners of the march have ties to George Soros this brings us immediately to his other activities. As Soros was a donor for Barack Obama he funded the Clinton campaign and was among her SuperPACs as David Brock,  the founder of the Soros-backed organization Media Matters. „When Brock formally announced the launch of Media Matters in early May 2004, billionaire George Soros and former Clinton chief-of-staff John Podesta helped him raise $2 million for the venture,“ Discover The Networks writes. Media Matters was used by the Obama administration to influence journalists, as Kurt Nimmo explained in 2014. Immediately after Donald Trump was elected, Brock „invited more than 200 of George Soros’ closest allies, including Democracy Alliance co-founder Tom Steyer, to join him in Palm Beach, Florida over election weekend“.


Meme on Facebook

This meant that efforts to stop the President-elect became concrete a few days after November 8th. It was Brock who successfully went after Bernie Sanders and defended his methods in a Bloomberg interview. While Brock sees his activities as „fact based research“ without „characterizing“ persons, alternative media like Zerohedge are not so friendly: „The last time we encountered David Brock, Hillary Clinton’s so called media ‚attack dog‘, was two months ago when we exposed a money laundering scheme involving over a dozen of his Pro-Clinton SuperPACs. Now, it appears that unable to concede defeat, the man who aligned his career with Hillary Clinton, is going for blood, and is soliciting the help, but mostly money, of Clinton’s top donors.“ Trump is just four days in office and media report that David Brock sets up a „war room“ with  47 employees to work on the President’s impeachment. The Washington Free Beacon obtained a memo where the use of the archive of the SuperPAC „American Bridge“ is described. This means for example to have lots of documents and videos and to track every domestic and foreign business partner of Donald Trump.

„Time“ calls the impeachment plans Brocks „revenge„: „Brock has spent all of his adult life fighting over the Clintons, first as a conservative muckraker who discovered the sexual harassment claims of Paula Jones, sparking the fuse for Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and then as the Clintons’ chief attack dog, working with her campaign to target anyone who tried to attack her. Now it was over. ‚What pisses me off right now is that it looks like they won the Clinton wars,‘ he says. Before election night, he had concocted a plan for what he would do if Trump won. It involved moving overseas, as so many liberals had promised, to start a new life, perhaps in London working for the public relations arm of a friend. But in the hours that followed the letdown, his plans began to shift, first with a call from the longtime Clinton adviser James Carville, then with a tearful 6 a.m. conversation with a donor, and finally with a few hours of sleep.“

Breitbart writes: „One need not look too deeply to discover the two groups behind the movement to impeach Donald Trump are tied to billionaire George Soros, while the organization that just filed a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of Trump’s presidency is financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations.“ And guess who was on the board of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)? David Brock of course who departed this position in December, but CREW is still part of a network of groups raising funds for an impeachment. A new website Impeach Donald Trump Now is linked to Soros and his Foundations through John Bonifaz (the co-founder and president of Free Speech for People) and founder of the National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI) which recieves “generous foundation and institutional support” from 24 past and present donoers, among them the Open Society Institute.


„Violated Vaginas“ at Women’s March

Breitbart goes into further details: „The NRVI is also funded by the Soros-funded Tides Foundation, and the Joyce Foundation, which has partnered with the Open Society Foundations on numerous projects.  Former President Obama served as a paid board member of the Joyce Foundation for eight years from 1994 to 2002.  Joyce has also been a prominent donor to the Soros-funded Media Matters For America progressive activist group.“  But this are not all Soros-ties: „Lance Lindblom, a director at the Free Speech for People group behind the impeachment campaign, previously served as Executive Vice President at Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute/Open Society Fund, his bio relates. And Jeff Clements, Co-Founder and General Counsel for Free Speech for People, popped up in a leaked Open Society Foundations document as attending the Soros-funded group’s U.S. Programs Board Meeting and Retreat February 23-24, 2011.  Bonifaz was also in attendance at the retreat, at which Soros himself provided opening remarks.“

The other group behind the website, RootsAction, is led by a small group including co-founder Norman Solomon who also founded the Soros-funded Institute for Public Accuracy. What is going on is on one hand open as everybody can do such research but on the other hand covert as many people still don’t know who George Soros is. And multiple ties to actions to undermine President Trump are one thing; the other is to rekognize how these initiatives fit into a pattern of media desinformation and actors on the political stage. When you trace Soros influence in Europe around mass (illegal) immigration you also find many links to NGOs, conferences, projects and experts.

While David Brock was not at the Women’s March he invited Clinton top-donors to a luxury retreat. Some managed to attend the march and the meeting with Brock among whose guests were „five of the candidates running for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, including Keith Ellison and Thomas Perez. (The one candidate who marched instead of attending the retreat was South Bend, Indiana, mayor and Slate contributor Pete Buttigieg.) Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, AFL-CIO political director Michael Podhorzer, and the presidents of EMILY’s List, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the Democracy Alliance. (Richards and NARAL president Ilyse Hogue were at retreat events on Friday but also spoke at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday. EMILY’s List president Stephanie Schriock and Democracy Alliance president Gara LaMarche attended both the Miami retreat and the D.C. march as well.)“


Trans people were angry (too many white women…)

It might be a coincidence but the article about that meeting was published in slate – the magazine whose photos from the Women’s March Hillary Clinton recommended via Twitter. Not every Democratic politician is for sale and can be hired by Soros as this article shows. I didn’t find recent mentioning of David Brock in German language media though the impeach Trump-item is debated f.e. in the magazine „profil“ on January 20. The text is illustrated with a drawing of Trump and Putin kissing each other. As one of the reasons to impeach Trump is alleged „Russian influence“ (though 20 % of Clintons campaign were financed by the Saudis) the German paper „Die Zeit“ writes about Trumps „intelligence agency phobia„. As explained here Trump made clear that he would not accept fifth columns in the CIA who work against the US government. The editor of „Zeit“ Josef Joffe said on German TV (ARD Presseclub) that „murder in the White House“ is a possible solution. This fits in the pattern of more or less prominent threats like Madonnas dream „to blow up the White House“.

Joffe is 1000 % transatlanticist and therefore globalist and was exposed amomg others in a satirical TV program in 2014. He went to court against it as German newspapers were described being „something like the press office of NATO“ (in the Ukraine conflict). Using terms like „phobia“ reveals a carefully scripted picture of Donald Trump which should prevent the public from getting involved and informed. Intelligence agencies (and others who engage in covert action) paint persons and items either in warm colors in order to gain support or they use negative associations to isolate them. When the NATO-critical Social Democrat Norbert Darabos was Austrian Defense Minister media diagnosed „military phobia“ (like the above mentioned „profil“) and claimed he has no interest in the army though he was in the parliamentary Defense Committee before.

They used his time as a civil servant in 1988 to explain that he is „unlucky“ being responsible for the army and to cover up that even the Chief of General Staff had no direct contact to Darabos, the commander of the army by constitution (who has hijacked the chain of command?). It is typical for fake news mainstream to question nothing but to disinform every single day. The long list of persons who had the impression Darabos was sealed off because they were blocked from meeting the Minister never ever brought anybody in the MSM to be journalist and to find out what is going and who would exercise pressure on a politician who is against the missile shield and against US military operations. Like the Trump narrative constantly creates the impression there is somebody whose personality has all possible negative aspects they treat would be-dissidents as Darabos (unlike Trump people like him could not afford private protection).


Iran 1979 against Hijab, USA 2017 pro Hijab

But how much does Trump yet effect other countries? In Germany the head of the Social Democrats Sigmar Gabriel now withdraws from running as top candidate at the election in autumn. The Atlantic Council published a „study“ on „the Kremlin’s Trojan Horses“ two months ago with the intention to frame politicians like Gabriel whose direct concurrent Martin Schulz will run now. Of course Gabriel was relatively obidient to the US deep state but former European Parliament President Schulz seems to suit better for their goals. When Schulz was top candidate of the European Social Democrats in 2014 I tried to talk to him about covert U.S. influence on the (Austrian) Social Democrats. He just said „it’s all not true!“ and ran away even if I didn’t meen Germany or suggested he might be an U.S. asset. And in Austria the coalition between Social Democrats and Conservatives seems to break ending in premature elections in May. Chancellor Christian Kern from the Social Democrats is in office since May 2016, was visited by George and Alexander Soros in July and so far refused to comment on it and indeed lies to Parliament.

The situation in the U.S. is connected with Europe as not only MSM fake news show. People who once were in favour of the Social Justice Warrior‘ topics see striking parallels when witnessing protests in Europe and watching videos from the U.S.. The behaviour and the appearance of participants seem identicals as they always shout paroles but are hardly able to debate based on facts. It is typical to have a list with phrases like sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic and of course fascist so others hardly could take a breath when confronted with such brainwashed Millenials on TV. Usually it are young women who are the „speakers“ of an organization and who seem somehow programmed as they have internal barriers. Every notion f.e. that Trump always promoted women even in the „male dominated“ construction business for them is forbidden territory.

So they blindly protested against Trump and for Sharia Law and Islam without realizing what they were doing. As this Republican woman puts it on Facebook, the really oppressed women are in islamic countries. While Jewish woman had to protest on Shabbat (or leave it) another group has been excluded: „Meanwhile, receiving little MSM attention was the fact that women from a pro-life group that were originally a co-sponsor of Saturday’s ‚unity‘ march were banned from participation. Thus, those not sharing the same political dogma as the march organizers were expressly forbidden, leaving on full display the hypocritical inconsistency of practicing the very same exclusionary behavior attributed to Trump that supposedly was the very purpose of conducting the protest,“ writes the former U.S. Army officer Joachim Hagopian.


Signs distributed at Women’s March

Of course we have to mention George Soros again as he is a Planned Parenthood donor and therefore pro choice. In the Black community it is known that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wanted to lower the birth rate among African-Americans. In his Analysis  Hagoplan goes into details of President Trumps speech after the inauguration and sees him in danger: „The last US president who exercised any real conscience and resolve to shake up the power establishment by acting in the best interests of the American people never made it past his first term in office. And the same criminal operation that took down JFK – key players within the CIA, the CFR and Kennedy administration including his own VP LBJ, those same shadow government rogue elements still remain alive and fully in power today.

Case in point, that same CIA has bogusly charged Trump with colluding with Putin to overturn the election outcome, which has proven to be false. Yet sore-losing Democrats are still falsely claiming the lie in desperation to delegitimize and undermine the Trump presidency. And finally, the same CIA guilty of plotting and murdering JFK is still scheming and plotting the demise of President Donald J. Trump. The very real prospect of Trump getting assassinated during his presidency has been repeatedly kept on the table, mostly couched in hypothetical terms behind barely contained wishful thinking by hordes of fake stream pundits and commentators representing the same crime cabal still in power. Not so veiled threats to Trump’s life have been brashly hyped repeatedly by all six oligarch owned and controlled mega media giants as well as Washington’s elite. Clearly many both in and out of the seats of power do want Trump dead.“

The hysterical reactions to Trump are result not only of a direct order by his enemies in the deep state. As fake politicians and fake journalists who have always been very obidient to the U.S. call Trump openly an „a$$hole“ or think loudly of „murder in the White House“ while others nearly burst out into tears when talking to a Trump supporter (which refuses to get convinced) there must be something else going on. I have all these past years been in the very uncomfortable and dangerous position of telling the truth even when it hurts and not lying even under severe pressure. But under these circumstances I was free to think and free to feel as I did not praise drone murderers, warmongerers and all the henchmen in covert actions against my country and against the world. All these fake people out there who were part of the narrative hat to oppress their owhn thoughts and their feelings. One day this pot boils over and that time has come so their totally deranged appearance wakes those folks up who believed me and others in some aspects but were still a bit afraid of getting the whole picture.


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