Going after Barron and Melania Trump

If you are in the middle of the mainstream and attack a person you are not very courageous. Civil courage is on the contrary defined as standing alone against others because you feel that you must defend somebody or something. So it is a matter for cowards to go after Barron and Melania Trump either because they seem easier targeted or because haters are tired of denouncing Donald Trump. MSM now defend Barron Trump and use him to bash his father suggesting he is a poor child with such a dad. This German article shows that in Europe and in the U.S.  Barron was in the focus of not really funny „jokes“.  The agenda against Donald Trump (the „narcisst“ and „lunatic“ in the White House) is expanded to Barron and Melania Trump.

So journalists, comedians and whoever has a Twitter account or can publish elsewhere are invited to speculate: Do we have to be sorry for Barron growing up in a „golden cage“? Was he bored by the inauguration and could her perhaps be (a little bit) autistic? Will he become „this first home school shooter“ als Katie Rich has put it? By the way she seems to have lost her Saturday Night Live job but will soon get another. It is common to draw back a little bit when the effect is predominantly negative stating that it was „just fun“. But whoever has written real political satire knows the difference between substantial and sharp critic and mere offensive provocation.


Donald and Barron Trump (Twitter)

These people (often falsely labelled as leftists) served to maintain cultural hegemony which is perhaps better known in countries like Germany where the CIA was engaged in covert re-eduaction after WW II.  See f.e. Who Paid The Piper by Frances Stonor Saunders where organizations like the Congress for Cultural Freedom are described.  Once media and institutions got funding from the CIA they never lost touch with goals covertly pursued but served them.  Next generations came after the first persons who were intelligence assets and knew instinctively what they had to say, whom they had to attack and where they have to be silent. I mention this process here concerning Social Democrat (and Democrat) youth organizations who are at present ideal tools to promote mass immigration and to „resist“ politicians who protect their own citizens.

As the pawns in the game feel what is allowed and what not they „empower“ each other in bullying Barron and Melania Trump. It was carefully prepared by media coverage pretenting Melania being without any talent, barely speaking English and a weak person and mother. Now Monica Lewinsky, who was one of the first women experiencing cyber mobbing on a large scale defends Barron Trump. The White House said: „It is a longstanding tradition that the children of Presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight. The White House fully expects this tradition to continue. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.“ Mark Dice shows in a short video how assassination threats against Donald Trump flooded social media since the day he announced his candidacy.  Especially Twitter shows great tolerance for such postings even if some of the users have been proscuted and accepts a false Barron Trump account.

The transatlantic warmongerer Josef Joffe (editor of „Die Zeit“) said in a TV talkshow that „murder in the White House“ would be a possibility so the question arises whether he calls for an assassination. That Donald Trump is painted in dark colors by the MSM is combined with claiming his family is no ordinary family (which they aren’t in terms of wealth). This is deliberately fabricated via MSM and vassals all over „the West“ in order to isolate Donald Trump and his families from other people. So the public should not have the impression that a family is targeted in an inhumane way and demand to concentrate on Donald Trumps politics. Ironically such techniques are used against foreign politicians who want to defend their countries‘ sovereign rights and now return to the U.S..


Austrian magazine „News“ after the election

Stories about „the Trumps“ or about Melania seem to have the same author as they hardly show any differences. And they are everywhere so women who don’t read gossip magazines are also „briefed“ what they are supposed to think about Melania.  As the mobilization for the Women’s March captured deep feelings of frustation for a totally different agenda fake Melania protraits use experiences in personal relationships. Whoever tries to humiliate her serves the purporses of George Soros & co., who were behind the „spontaneous“ Womens‘ March. As she was born in former Yugoslavia she knows how countries are destabilized and what regime change is. It is interesting if the Trumps talked about that and if it contributed to his position on NATO. „Body language experts“ watched videos of the Trumps dancing to claim Melania is only an object for Donald Trump.

What is going on in the minds of women who share such articles with sarcastic comments? Is it more about their disappointment in life so they don’t realize their sexism against another woman? Melania Trump never wanted to interfere politically but said she would like to do something against cyber bullying (soon she will be an expert on that). Why should we judge her politically if she sees herself just as Barrons mother? As Steven M. Scott puts it we should try to imagine beeing in his place: „And then there was you Barron – the youngest child of our newest President. You were standing next to the siblings you adore as you all watched on as your father embarked on his newest challenge. I’m not entirely sure how a 10 yr old is supposed to react to such a moment-a moment thick skinned, seasoned politicians were struggling with. A moment that I, at 10 years old, wouldn’t even be able to remotely comprehend.

….You see Barron, there are members from the party of compassion, tolerance, and inclusion that have deemed it acceptable to critique your behavior, poke fun at your height and walk, and even speculate as to whether you may have Autism or Aspergers. It’s an unwritten rule that children are off limits when it comes to politics. This should go without saying. Speculating about a child’s behavior and his mental health, and then drawing conclusions without the proper knowledge on said subject-now that is grossly reprehensible.“ The new era without regime changes as part of U.S. foreign politics must expand protection of a politicians‘ family to other countries where threats with first character assassination and then real assassination of the leader and his kids are common practice. Those how see prosperity in their own country as top priority are natural allies of President Trump when they have their privacy.

4 Gedanken zu “Going after Barron and Melania Trump

  1. The CIA itself seems to be divided into a left and right current. The latter was apparently involved in fighting communism and strengthening structures that might serve to fight it also in western Europe, such as Gladio, and probably also in assassinating Kennedy. This current has been the object of a lot of debunking by the western european left. But there is also another current that goes back to the New Deal era, when communists and comintern agent dominated much of the US government and shaped many of its policies. It was this current that conducted an extremely vicious and successful character assassination against senator Joseph McCarthy, using a lot of fake news and fabricated evidence, with participation of the State Department, the Truman Whitehouse and the democratic-majority senate as well as what we would nowadays call fake news media. The details are very convincingly presented by Stanton Evans in „Blacklisted by History“. Although the Comintern current receded somewhat during the cold war, it obviously remained strong and has been passed on and rejuvenated since then. It started out as globalistic. Figureheads like Alger Hiss were entrusted with founding the UN and World Bank, and when the State Department came under increasing pressure from FBI (under Edgar Hoover) as well as a series of members of Congress and Senate, the last and most spectacular of which McCarthy, they dozens of them quietly moved to the global institutions. The more globalized world has made it easier for people of this type to prosper.


    • thanx for all these details…
      from what i know CIA here is democratic and not republican and therefore pushing the globalist agenda… hope that changes…


  2. P.S. apart from the State Department, the predecessor of the CIA, the OSS, was also heavily infiltrated by the „Reds“. Efforts of the FBI and elected representatives to reign in these people met vicious resistance not only by this incredibly strong group itself but also by officials in the Whitehouse under Roosevelt and Truman. Apart from red sympathy another important motive was the desire to cover up scandals that would arise if the public became aware of the mess.


  3. Books about KGB/MfS-led infiltration of West Germany appeared around 1989, one of them by Konrad Löw „Bis zum Verrat der Freiheit“. As in the US the Eastern secret services served as a logistics base of a movement that was already extremely strong among the western elites themselves. McCarthy also noted that communism was a product of the people who had enjoyed the best education and rewards that their own country had to offer. The charge of an innate tendency of local elites to betray their people has been a recurrent theme of Löw and others and of J. McCarthy. It seems obvious to me that people like Soros entered the footsteps of the previous leaders of the leftwing elite cabale, whereas the Eastern countries themselves proved to be more capable of resisting this cabale once they had gotten rid of the Soviets. Ironically the sovient union in fact offered a shield of protection against this kind of cabale. The Eastern culture was less inflitrated by leftism and by „human rights“ ideology than the western culture. The KGB was after all a logistical service center of the Comintern more than a real center of ideological leftism.


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