Women’s March for regime change

Where was mass protest against Barack Obamas seven wars and against targeted killings? And where were the masses who expressed their outrage that especially women and girls are victims of violence by illegal immigrants from Arab and African countries? On the other hand it is possible to organize around 670 demonstrations against the Trump presidency on January 21th in cities all over the „free world“. Bear in mind that due to time zones the hours after the inauguration were filled with MSM coverage of these protests. They are too many and too well organized to be as „spontaneous“ as they are claimed to be. Social Media guarantee that nobody is spared from anti-Trump propaganda.

On Twitter we see ABC News showing Michael Moore tearing a newspaper apart with a story about the inauguration on the title. Concerning the major event in Washington ABC writes: „While crowd estimates are fluctuating and have not been confirmed, the DC Metro system posted on Twitter that there have been 275,000 trips as of 11:00 a.m. this morning. By comparison, 193,000 trips had been taken by the same time on Friday ahead of the inauguration.“ As this article shows, at the demonstration in Berlin the „Otpor“-fist was used and the Democrats Abroad distributed  drawings of women with the American Flag also with veil.

padswomenWith pads against Trump (Twitter)

Those who can’t participate in protest that should lead to a „regime change“ (as George Soros and others orchestrated successfully in many countries) have the opportunity to express their generated hatred against Trump via Twitter. So did Carolin Emcke (from the transatlantic newspaper „Süddeutsche Zeitung“) who was awarded the „Peace Prize“ of German booksellers but tweeted out that Barron Trump should be handed over to a foster family. Others use Facebook to claim Melania Trump once was a hooker and are astonished when their virtual friends delete such postings and unfriend them. Austrian state-owned (but in reality deep state-) TV ORF reported that between 200.000 and 500.000 participants are expected in Washington but only 200 took part in the march in Vienna.  When you see images from protests (not only today) on several places and in different countries  there are striking similarities.

Usually the whole canon of identity politics issues is represented to accuse the person or the position the people protest against is accused to deny. It is more than symbolic that the rainbow flag is part of this szenario as it stand for diversity and LGBTQI and no more for the fight against illegal U.S.wars. Ironically it was Donald Trump who called the Iraq war 2003 probably the greatest mistake in U.S. history. 14 years ago millions marched against this war in many countries of the world – never since such masses stood up for peace and self determination. Another irony is Trumps commitment to national sovereignty and the right of every nation to go it’s own way – America first means that every country should be in the first place for its government and the people while Obama even in an interview said that the U.S.should twist the „arm“ of other nations around (clear  violation of the UN charta: no use of force in international relations).


Snowden-Tweet on the #WomensMarch

Glenn Greenwald who warned in interviews that the deep state has declared war on Trump once explained the intelligence strategy of „pinkwashing“ – in order to gain support for militarism and imperialism you paint them f.e. in rainbow colors. The transatlantic Austrian paper  „Presse“ claims „hundreds of thousands are protesting worldwide for womens‘ rights“ which makes clear that Trump was successfully personalized as „violation of womens‘ rights“. No matter what record Bill Clinton has concerning harassment and more and how „anti-feminist“ Hillarys behavior was as she tried to cover everything up and to intimitate women – Trump is THE „sexist“. Of course the  coverage in the U.S. is huge as the major networks offer each speech of more or less prominent women. But where have they been when Obama,  Clinton and Kerry where responsible for the death of so many people abroad and when more and more Americans lost their jobs and their home?

Hillary Clinton who was confronted with „Lock her up! Lock her up!“ chants at the inauguration when she was mentioned as a guest, was not a the march but tweeted: „Thanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values @womensmarch. Important as ever. I truly believe we’re always Stronger Together.“ Somehow it was an unusual kind of womens‘ protest as men like Michael Moore where allowed to speak, or Obamas former environment adviser Van Jones (now CNN commentator). Moore tried to motivate the crowd to call the Congress on every day of the next four years to distrub the Trump Presidency.  Transatlantic magazins like „Der Spiegel“ report live and partisan with many sympathies for the protest and mention details like the pink „pussyhats“ who mock Trumps‘ „grab her by the pussy“-statement in an old  video. „Der Soiegel“ also points at the „influential feminist and journalist“ Gloria Steinem who „calls for solidarity with Muslims“ as „walls don’t work“ see Berlin: „If you force Muslims to register we will get registered as Muslims.“


Austrian newspaper „Heute“

For the magazine which pushes illegal immigration into Europe (and demonizes Trump as they and others did it with Putin) this is a declaration to fight against „Trumps policy of singeling out“.  As Steinem once (?) worked for the CIA we should reckognize the agenda setting on putting the rights of muslim (men) above the rights of women. The Soros-supported Huffington Post shows the video of Steinems speech which clearly reflects the goals of the no border-globalists. We hear the crowd cheering when Steinem mentions Barack and Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton – and when she states that the twitter finger could easily become the trigger finger (in Europe fake journalists and fake politicians also raise fear of Trump in control of nuclear weapons). CIA-Steinem quotes a letter of some American psychiatrists who claim Trump  being mentally instable and incapable of differing between reality and fantasy.

In Europe „Muslims first“ means treating illegal immigrants as „refugees“ though they have nothing to do with asylum according to the Geneva Refugee Convention (and even if so, they often get criminal and don’t behave like guests and therefore must loose the right to stay temporarily). The Agenda is visible in plain sight as the Women’s March is labelled as „global„. It would have been a surprise if there were no Soros-ties as mass protest is part of a regime change szenario carried out in the U.S.  As many folks came to the „Make America Great Again Celebration“ on January 19th to stay for the inauguration protesters came on January 19th or 20th in order to attend also the „Womens‘ March“ because it is against Trump. Pictures shown at CNN illustrate why it was a good idea to knit „Pussyhats“ in a certain color as many women wear pink hats. If this „movement“ turns into a color revolution its color will be pink


Al Jazeera on Twitter showing many pink hats

Among the prominent speakers we have Soros-politicians as Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Boston („We can whimper, whine, or we can fight back.“) and celebrities like Madonna (who offered blowjobs to all Clinton voters and says now „the revolution starts here“ and ‚I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House“‚). Even Al Jazeera writes: „The protests illustrated the depth of the anger in a deeply divided country that is still recovering from the scarring 2016 election campaign season.“ Who divided America if not those who spread fake news about Trump (being a „Russian agent“ as he wants a good relationship with Russia) and praised Clinton also by disinformation? Media speculate about how much the crowd in Washington is bigger than at the (rainy) inauguration day. It is amazing that in some countries (as in the Netherlands) people protest in front of U.S. diplomatic representations. For so many years only few people in Europe „dared“ to do so; in Austria the only event for years was that a small group stood at the fence of a house owned by the U.S. in Vienna supposedly used by the NSA in 2013.

Everything is stuffed into the „Women’s March“ see tweets like this one: „Don’t be afraid to be .“  Some women demand that their voicees are heard (for the first time?) and point out „we have names“. In London a woman dressed up as Emmeline Pankhurst and behind her was written that to stop Trump means stopping war. Perhaps this two reasons explain with woman are mobilized so easily: First they often want to please everybody and to be part of a group – critical thinking means dissent and risking to stand alone. And second they know less about international politics, intelligence and the rules of power which contributes also to their role as pawns in a game they don’t realize. Among the crowds there might be some women who have read about „Killary“ and Libya or about the Clinton Foundation and who can interpret her warmongering in TV debates. But for most of them she just was beaten by a „sexist“ with contempt for woman who has – as Steinem puts it – „handlers“  though he is really anti-establishment. It seems they have never heard that Trump employed more women in executive positions than others. The first women in charge of the construction of a skyscraper, Barbara Res, worked for Trump, who always promoted women.

PS: See also my blog in German (with English quotes and a translation button) where the lastest article is about media and the Trump presidency.

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