Let’s make a regime change!

Two regime change attempts are going on in the USA – one continues the failed coup of the Clinton supporters and the other is the successful counter coup which didn’t stop when Donald Trump was sworn in on January 20. The US are not the only country where different forces are fighting each other mostly hidden from public attention but with some visible tips of the iceberg. From the outside you may recognize clever moves if you know what counts and in which spheres changes are necessary.

It is of great value to study your opponents to a degree that you see deep state / shadow government actions wherever they take place. Though there is growing awareness and that there are many well informed people around the world they  must take direct action. That means they need supporters which don’t understand every detail and why this decision or that person is so important but who share with you a basic believe things are going wrong and media lie at them. The latter must develop to an instinctive reflex to be sceptical and to think first and perhaps adopt later what MSM might tell you. Experience teaches us they spread fake news on every item and person of significance so a small portion of trustful information is left.

Video on the CIA and the French elections 2012

In general patterns and methods are similar: we see the same Soros strategy in every country to infiltrate and hijack civil society to divide citizens via social engineering. Those who seem brainwashed for the still thinking part of the population are cheered in MSM, permanent at debates and rallies, rewarded prices, publishing books and get constant attention. Examples are „I fell in love with a (fake) refugee“-stories, attacks on Donald Trump or taboo breakers who don’t fully understand what they are doing and why they alter the discourse. In Germany author Mithu Sanyal, falsely labeled „feminist“ suggested to replace „victim“ by „experienced“. In other words going to a concert equals getting raped by an illegal immigrant which of course provoked a shitstorm.  In an article in German I stressed that such crazy women wouldn’t get media platforms if there was no deliberate move behind.

I made no bet on that but it was clear that as a next step Sanyal plays the poor victim (experienced?) after it hit back. A few month ago there was a trial against a women whose rape accusations against two men seemed not credible enough for the court so she was sued. The hashtag fo solidarity was #teamginalisa and now we find #teamsanyal as if she was no rape denier but a victim herself. It is no miracle that one of many Soros backed media provided „experienced“ Sanyal a platform for whining – the Huffington Post. Artifical outrage makes natural feelings of right and wrong and of items where you must stand up for your values disappear. For example we should be angry against Trump over transgender bathrooms but refuse to question Jon McCains endless fight for more wars. Let alone ask why Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin was poisoned as Soros-financed McCain wanted campaign money from him.

WikiLeaks‘ revelations on the French elections in 2012 point at the ongoing election campaign and reach beyond France. Everywhere George Soros, one of CIA‘ most important allies, tries to create open border majorities. Many habits and decisions of Francois Hollande might be questioned but it is clear that he doesn’t run for another term due to pressure as he wants better relations between Europe and Russia. This leads us to another Social Democrat, SPD head Sigmar Gabriel who was smeared by f.e. in an obscure Atlantic Council study on „the Kremlin’s Trojan Horses“. Such attacks paved the way for Martin Schulz as top candidate who was as the President of European Parliament among George Soros‘ „reliable allies“. There are yet alternative media commentaries that Soros has replaceed Angela Merkel with Martin Schulz.

Canadian true journalist Ezra Levant exposes how his country is undergoing fundamental changes as a result of a Soros backed prime minister. The Canadian Government has an official agreement with Soros and the UN to promote „resettlement“ which means encouraging volunteers to engage in providing illegal immigrants with housing etc. and to steer public discourse. „Islamophobia“ is battled by law i.e. by censorship of those who don’t want to live in an Islamic Canada, among them real refugees who wanted to escape Sharia Law forever. Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern was compared to Justin Trudeau from the first moment in office and soon visited by Alexander and George Soros. With the present Social Democratic / Conservative coalition open border majorities are not possible so Kern and his advisers (among them Tal Silberstein) plan to provoke the Conservatives and the Freedom Party with corruption investigations.

It is about the Eurofighter deal tracing back to the coalition between these two parties which was modified by the former Social Democratic Defense Minister Norbert Darabos. He should be sacrificed which is easy to guess but shows at the same time how brainwashed most people are. Those who understand MSM is constantly lying on Trump, Putin, Syria etc. reproduce in a rather obient way how Darabos was portrayed in fake news MSM over the last years. In other words it is tabula rasa if it comes down to the field of politics where YOU count because YOU make a change in YOUR own country. It seems there is no experience with fake news though many people see themselves as aware but they are incapable of general mistrust and then filling in empty spaces with their own conclusions. No argument is strong enough, whether I point at an US embassy cable published by WikiLeaks in 2010 where Darabos is bashed by the CIA station chief (MSM echoed it per 100 %) or at him being sealed off as a minister.

The counter coup against Hillary and her Saudi moles was arranged by personnel inside the military and the intelligence apparatus; some of them went public in time. This might be unexpected but it was necessary as Robert David Steele or Steve Pieczenik explain. Most of what is going on will never be discussed in public but critical folks need a clue in order to understand Donald Trump’s situation. It is not only Steele who warns that „they“ (the coup faction) want to isolate Trump, to hide mails and positive social media reactions from him. Meanwhile the role of George Soros and Barack Obama (who are partners in their unconstitutional fight against Trump) is more and more exposed f.e. on staged protests at Townhall meetings with representatives.

You understand that based on my experience with the Austrian Defense Ministry I know what Steele, Pieczenik and others are talking about. And it sounds familiar that the US State Department (comparable to the situation in the Austrian Defense Ministry) has to the cleaned up as so many are illoyal to the new Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson. Trump has to fight his enemies partly in public which means speeches that should appear powerful and circumvent „the filter of the fake news media“. Learning from their experience with Soros‘ regime change strategy via NGOs as front groups Hungarian and Macedonian politicians became active and got support by US Congress and Senate. As it is an info war on global scale to prevent a dictatory global government analysis on the strategy of the globalists is extremely valuable.

To realize that „it is the same everywhere“, from „Pussyhats“ to lunatics and NGO fronts gives you relief and responsibility at the same time. „They“ try to set accomplished facts as seen during the so-called refugee crisis when Europe was flooded with illegal immigrants, mostly Muslim men (ideal for conflict potential and destabilization). Countries that are overrun have to handle the „crisis“ on the practical level, to give out food, transport immigrants and organize places to sleep for them. This was the case in summer 2015 and combined with pressure via MSM and NGO fronts. Now it is about taking our countries back in order to save them and in this fight every person and every nation state is an ally who stands for sovereignty and own strength.

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