Was there a Catholic Spring in 2013?

After US Catholics wrote an open letter to President Donald Trump there is some debate about the „regime change“ in the Vatican in 2013. Based on various open sources they ask Trump to investigate the role of known suspects like George Soros and John Podesta concerning the surprising election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis. Since then not only Christians witnessed a dramatic shift of paradigm in the Catholic Church and beyond.

The open borders and pro Islam agenda becomes clearer each day but we are running out of time. It seems in the first moment unbelievable but the fight of globalist vassals against President Trump gets more and more beyond everything usual until now. It would be the wrong term to say they are out of control because that is how they should appear. Bergoglio unmasks  in trivializing danger although also fake quotes circulate suggesting he calls for a merger of Christianity and Islam. It is sufficient to visit events with theologists who promote mass immigration to know where the journey leads to.


Installation mourning of drowned refugees (Frauenkirchen in Austria)

Above there is a photo taken last summer in Frauenkirchen, Burgenland, in front of the basilica which is destination for pilgrims and belongs to a (Franciscan) monastery. The installation combines a cross (out of balance), the color of blood, a boat and enlarged fake news media articles imprinted on metal (see another picture below). There might be a lot to say about symbolism and messages besides the fact that a church dedicated to Mary adopts pagan belief where the Goddess was worshipped. The belief in good and bad supernatural forces is far older than monotheism but our kind of dualism goes back to Persian Zoroastrism and was adopted by Judaism and Christianity. As the Goddess became Jahwe, God and Allah (tracing to the Goddess Allat) it is possible that evil forces occupy movements and belief systems which pretend to be „good“ on the surface.

Now the mentioned letter to President Trump states: „We were alarmed to discover that, during the third year of the first term of the Obama administration your previous opponent, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other government officials with whom she associated proposed a Catholic ‚revolution‘ in which the final demise of what was left of the Catholic Church in America would be realized. Approximately a year after this e-mail discussion, which was never intended to be made public, we find that Pope Benedict XVI abdicated under highly unusual circumstances and was replaced by a pope whose apparent mission is to provide a spiritual component to the radical ideological agenda of the international left. The Pontificate of Pope Francis has subsequently called into question its own legitimacy on a multitude of occasions.“

These concerned Catholics point at the Podesta e-mails at Wikieaks, among them one from November 2012 with the title „opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing…“ It is no coincidance that Pope Francis is seen as the „leader of the global left“ as Wall Street Journal wrote in 2016. „Global“ meens no border – no nation – global government with one religion as final step. Of course inference of George Soros is not far when it comes to the term „global“ – as the Soros files show the Catholic Church is also on his regime change list. In the open letter Trump is asked to investigate what was going on to make Benedikt resign and Bergoglio Pope also with the help of the NSA which probably monitored the conclave. While the new president likes to refer to this faith and to God the Pope last year denied Trump being a true Christian. Trump posted in February 2016 on Facebook: „In response to the Pope: If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’s ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been President because this would not have happened. ISIS would have been eradicated unlike what is happening now with our all talk, no action politicians.“


Installation in Frauenkirchen

After the leaked Podesta e-mails proved what critics have said for years, Anne Hendershott wrote: „Beginning in 2007, orthodox Catholic writers including myself wrote dozens of articles in an attempt to expose the funding and duplicitousness of two fake Catholic groups: the George Soros-funded Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United. (For example, see here and here and here.) Now, with the release of the leaked emails this week from longtime Democratic Party operative and current Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta, there is confirmation that Podesta personally helped to launch these two progressive groups to infiltrate the Catholic Church in an attempt to provide a liberal revolt against the US bishops. Calling it a ‚Catholic Spring,‘ Podesta acknowledged that he ‚created‘ these groups to begin a progressive revolution in the Catholic Church.“

The author describes a very familiar proces of hijacking relevant parts of society in order to transform them to a degree where some people are shocked and distance themselves while others realize nothing and follow the wrong path with devotion. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United exercised pressure upon bishops whenever it was necessary for their hidden agenda. We find Soros and Podesta also together with election campaign adviser Stanley Greenberg whose compagny GCS is said to be a Mossad front and who has worked for Soros‘ Open Society Initiative (now Open Society Foundations). Before Barack Obama was elected, Soros, Greenberg and Podesta planned the takeover of the United States.

The Catholics who wrote to Trump addressed the Pope’s strange interfering in the US elections: „During the 2016 presidential campaign we were astonished to witness Pope Francis actively campaigning against your proposed policies concerning the securing of our borders, and even going so far as to suggest that you are not a Christian.  We appreciated your prompt and pointed response to this disgraceful accusation.“ Ask yourself if Pope Benedict would have been willing to sacrifice Germany and Europe to mass ( Muslim) immigration. The New American publishes the letter with remarks on the Irish Catholic Peter Sutherland, UN special envoy on international migration and globalist par excellance (Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg etc.): „As a top Eurocrat, he played a lead role in destroying national sovereignty by replacing national currencies (and national monetary control) with the Euro, as well as engineering the ‚borderless Europe,‘ which the current migrant crisis is now proving to have been so destructive.“


Austrian theologist Paul M. Zulehner in Oberpullendorf, Burgenland

Caritas (Catholic) and Diakonie (Protestant) are advocacy groups for endless immigration and its profiteers at the same time and part of Soros financed networks like the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE). When theologist Paul M. Zulehner spoke at Oberpullendorf on February 23 he refused to comment my big sheet of paper with Soros and globalist connections in many countries including Austria though I mentioned ECRE and its members. He is on tour through Germany and Austria with his book „Entängstigt Euch!“ which can be translated with „Unfear yourself!“ pretending those who don’t want illegal (Muslim) immigration nurture irrational fears. Again the agenda is visible in plain sight as he favors politicians like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and smears „right wing populists“, among them in his perspective Donald Trump and Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban.

In warning repeatedly of these „populists“ who enlarge your „fears“ you should be lulled into the real propaganda trap. As my analysis shows Zulehner uses common fake news to create a false narrative about bad Russians in Syria, violent AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) rhetorics and Trumps crowd at the inauguration. Oberpullendorf (Felsöpulya) is a small town whose population is partly ethnic Hungarian so many people know more than an average person about Viktor Orbans fight against George Soros‘ fifth columns. But the manipulators send out not only by the Church even compare the traditionally multiethnic society in this part of Austria with possible peaceful coexistence with Islam. In fact German-Austrians, Croatians and Hungarians share common modern values while „Islam“ doesn’t mean a talented girl but masses of young and often violent men.

It must be clear that the Pope (an alleged torturer of priests during the Argentine dictatorship) doesn’t align with „the“ Left (which is a pawn in the game for world dominance) to modernize the Church. The old belief system with creating fears in order to guide the herd is used against the people to paralyze their natural survival instincts. To side with „the“ Left means Islam as „the“ Left marches with Islamists see Women’s March on January 21 and also the next step on March 8 (International Women’s Day). For theologists and priests it must be a problem that George Soros not only funds illegal immigration and its promotion but also abortion advocacy groups and Planned Parenthood. This serves two purposes: to stir unrest and to rally against Governments in the US and in Catholic countries like Poland or Ireland . And to lower birth rates in order to justify mass immigration as if uneducated men f.e. from Afghanistan will pay your pensions.

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