The Pussyhats‘ dangerous carelessness

Videos from a protest in New York show how leftists and Muslims both pause to several „Allahu Akbar“ cries. This is more than at the Women’s March in Berlin, Germany where a woman on the stage suddenly yelled „Allahu Akbar“ two times. So the real agenda gets more and more clear without revealing too much to those who still follow it. While President Trump was called a liar as he pointed at the situation in Sweden violence errupted in the once peaceful Skandinavian country. It is still most important that Sweden has a „feminist government“ which is not worried about the rising rape rate and willing to wear a Hijab when visiting Iran.

Mainstream Media now critize Marine Le Pen, the Head of Front National, who refused to  wear a headscarf so a meeting with the Grand Mufti in Lebanon was cancelled (while Michelle Obama got support for that visiting Saudi Arabia). They bashed her because she didn’t submit to rules applied only to women and oppressive from feminists‘ point of view. Who is now really a „feminist“ – Le Pen or Swedish Ministers who want to be (quite traditional) nice girls? If you watch videos from the „I’m a Muslim too“-march in New York with leftist solidarity it makes you shiver because that is designed to be our future. Infowars created Social Justice Warrior „Rainbow Snatch“ and demonstrates how parody meets reality.

Truth is stranger than fiction as Infowars‘ Millie Weaver just copied some of the women she saw and interviewed at protests. On one hand the Ms. Magazine celebrates feminism and on  the other hand founder and former (?) CIA operative Gloria Steinem supported Hillary Clinton whose allies are the Saudis and who is responsible for the death of many women, children and men. Following the pattern of Ms. Emma was founded in 1977 and focusses in its new edition also on women’s protests. On the title we see Gloria Steinem, Madonna and Amy Schumer with many Pussyhats in the background. Emma is a classic example for manufacturing dissent as it critizes the role of Islamists at the Women’s March and in Germany, but refuses to question whether there is a clear distinction between Islam and Islamism.

Madonna (who wants to „blow up the White House“ or did she mean a blowjob?)  is portrayed as a women complaining others call her „bitch“ which has of course nothing to do with her behavior. Editor Alice Schwarzer – an engaged Clinton supporter – compares Donald Trump to Turkish Premier Recep Tayyib Erdogan; both are „macho“ for simple minded women. Milo Yiannopoulos said Schumer and other female comedians used to be „funny before they contracted feminism“. Indeed it seems they are absorbed by a 24/7  role they play since Donald Trump was elected as we can see at their TV appearances and on their Twitter accounts. Of course it is a weird apolitical understanding of feminism as they fell into the Hillary trap before.

Listen to Camille Paglia who explains that sometimes neurotizism is masked as feminism.  She critizes that young women are not taught to take care of themselves but to have always somebody creating safe spaces. In working class families and amomg Afro-Americans women have a special kind of awareness as they know the world is „a dangerous place“. While other women must learn to raise their voice (let alone protect themselves) these women must lower it when they come f.e. into an office environment. It are such privileged and cuddled women who are used as SJWs and as fake feminists to side with Islam and to protest for „no border –  no nation“ or „no hate, no fear, immigrants/refugeeds are welcome here“.

In other words they have no instrument to differ between friend or foe but are trained to repeat meaningless phrases and terms as „Rainbow Snatch“ made fun of them. We live in dangerous times when a government like the Swedish labels itself feminist but is helpless in the face of violence. Feminism is also gone astray in Germany where Families Minister Manuela Schwesig (Social Democratic Party) wants to protect children from postings by so called right wingers concerning illegal immigrants‘ rape crimes. Videos showing the collapse of the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters not knowing which planet they are on) reflect the development in Germany. Young Social Democrats suggest that everybody can apply for asylum while Integration State Secretary Aydan Özoguz (SPD) whose brothers are islamists demands election rights for non-citizens.

German political parties are totally undermined by the globalist agenda with (perhaps) the exeption of Alternative for Germany. But even if AfD is „real“ after the election in autumn there will still be an open border majority. It is clear that Germany’s and Europe’s betrayal was made possible also by fake feminism f.e. when Angela Merkel is MSM’s „mightiest woman of the world“. While by fake feminism women totally unfit for every office suggest that everything is still okay and we can take up more masses of fake refugees France is burning. Riots take place in many cities, the police can’t cope with them and half of the military tries to help them. Even if we see women in some videos it are men’s riots and it are Muslim men’s riots as well as the rising crime toll in countries like Austria or Germany and of course Sweden are are consequence of illegal immigration.

Now were are protests against male violence and destabilization? Or a Women’s March for ISIS‘ Yazidi sex slaves? But as ISIS was created by the Obama Administration with CIA and Mossad we’d better not fight against it and leave that  (like young men from Syria) to Syrian and Kurdish female soldiers. Meanwhile we might attend a Hijab show in London organized by an anti Trump label. An insider at the Department of Homeland Security told some very interesting details under the condition of anonymity abiut a spy  vs. spy situation as Trump became the president the deep state didn’t want: „Trump’s legacy could be truly great if he was to purge the CIA, stop the extortion, prosecute the pedophiles and reinstate the death penalty for pedo’s convicted a second time.  Pedogate is his path to greatness.“ CIA and Mossad run „Pedophile Island“ in order to collect blackmail material.


Power is generally exerted  via fear: „The fact is, many of our politicians – on both sides – have been compromised by CIA and Mossad for years. It’s actually not admiration they are expressing for Israel, but fear. Notice Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer repeating the same salute when it comes to Israel. How does that even happen? The American people are finally seeing that there is no two-party system, but one big shadow Government pretending we have political dichotomy.“ Chuck Schumer fights Trump in many ways f.e. protesting the Travel Ban surrounded by Muslim families. Amy Schumer stood up for her cousin after Trump tweeted on his „fake tears“ but will she also defend him when Anonymous proves right?

Simplified mainstream feminism loves black and white-images as „the“ patriarchal power structure women have to stand up against (personalized as „Whiteness“, „the“ White men). Automatically every female politician – as long as she is not Marine Le Pen – deserves therefore solidarity no matter which role she plays. So it is sufficient to „vote with your vagina“ and to see Hillary Clinton as an empty sheet of paper without any political record (because it’s all „the“ patriarchy). The concept of „the“ overall patriarchy is very convenient as it protects women from trying to go their own way and to learn more about power structures and the players in the background.

This are ideal conditions for George Soros and reckless political campaigners to exploit the will of naive women to „protest“ or to „make the world better“.  They don’t want to hear the truth; it is too complicated and too much for snowflakes, not suitable for debates in safe spaces. And it is dangerous that via „no racism“ and „no islamophobia“ brainwash fake feminists set men’s interests in first place not realizing they are nothing more than pawns who advocate for creating open  border majorities. False narratives are established very easy if the targeted lacks personal experience in the field the narratives aŕe about. Who was out on the streets in masses to protest Barack Obama’s illegal wars? Of course there is a peace movement but in much smaller numbers than at the Women’s March (with Islamists and Soros partners) which should just mark „the beginning“ of a „new“ (global) feminism.

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