Donald Trump vs. US Intelligence

While Donald Trump’s enemies who are the emenies of national sovereignty everywhere promote their fake #MuslimBan protests and show their hysteria in MSM the new President quietly takes one action after the other. The more controlled public opinion is concentrated on raising anger and fear the less his decisions in other fields are debated. Of course Trump knows that MSM are closely linked to rogue elements in the CIA and his open opponents George Soros, the Democrats and ex-CIA-chiefs like the Muslim John Brennan or Mike Morell.

But as Thierry Meyssan writes at Voltaire Net, „Donald Trump has just undertaken the most important reform of the administrative structures in the United States for more than 69 years. He has just put an end to the imperial project and is reshaping his country into a State like any other.“ Meyssan explains: „From 1947 to 2001, the National Security Council was right at the heart of the Executive. The President shared power over it with [two other officials]: the Director of the CIA, (appointed by the President) and the Chief of Joint Military Forces chosen by his peers. Since 11 September 2001, the Council was in fact placed under the supervision of the ‚Continuity of Government‘ of Raven Rock Mountain.“


#MuslimBan Protest in Dundee (Scotland)

Continuity of Government-Structures are part of the Deep State and in fact used against Presidents especially after 9/11 when they expanded dramatically. They were created after WW II when the danger of nuclear war arose in order to guarantee the functioning of the (remaining) state in case of war. Meyssan writes:  „So, the CIA, which was till now an arm the President could use to lead covert operations, finally becomes an Intelligence Agency in the proper sense of the term. This means, that its mandate is to study international actors, to anticipate their actions and to advise the president.“ Part of this covert operations was (is?) cooperation with George Soros‘ and others‘ foundations to span the globe with thousands of smaller or bigger funding for NGOs, networks, umbrellas on EU or international level of national networks, events, studies, law initiatives, experts, projects and conferences,

The aim is always to attack national and personal identity towards creating majorities for open border policies and for prioritizing non-citizens (mostly men from Muslim countries) over citizens. The agenda is disguised as LGBTIQ rights, gender issues, social issues (never for the benefit of the domestic poor), immigration affairs, asylum rights (which means illegal immigrants), initiatives against „hatespeech“, climate change etc. Now some European leaders openly speak out about dangers for their countries‘ national security by undermining society via „NGOs“ who in fact are intelligence fronts. In other countries like Germany or Austria it is nearly taboo to mention the activities of Soros and others which clearly points at the agenda these Governments pursue. No wonder that Donald Trump is fiercly beaten by German language MSM whose fake news always helped to make illegal U.S. wars possible.

While Trump brings the CIA back to the Council, his chief strategist Stephen Bannon will also have a seat there. It is the Council who ordered „political assassinations in 135 countries“ as Meyssan explains pointing at its 2015 annual report. President Trump made clear that the U.S. „would no longer organize any more regime changes as it had done or tried to do since 1989“ by using techniques developed by Gene Sharp. Steve Pieczenik who was part of the „counter-coup“ which put Trump instead of Clinton in office writes on his website: „What happened after this particular announcement was a cacophony of discontent and anger. The Democratic operative, ex-Congressman Leon Panetta, a former WH chief of staff, defense secretary, and DCI said the following inane statement [not unusual for this California self-aggrandizer hypocrite]: ‚The last place you want to put somebody who worries about politics is in a room where they’re talking about national security.‘ [NY Times, 1/30/17].“

Robert David Steele (Ex-CIA) on Trump and the CIA

While Pieczenik took part in regime changes himself he critizes the Obama Administration which had no experience in regime change let alone persons with military background as their aidees. They „had never been trained in warfare, crisis management, or regime change“ he states and points at Barack Obama, former UN-Ambassador and Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Bill and Hillary Clinton and former DCI Leon Panetta. Stephen Bannon didn’t choose a direct (and easy) way which impresses Pieczenik: „In contrast (to the named), I have written before about Stephen Bannon as a polymath individual who grew up in Norfolk, Virginia in a pro-Kennedy, pro-union working class family. He graduated from Virginia Tech and then received his master’s degree in National Security Studies Georgetown University. He went on to earn another master’s degree in business administration from the Harvard Business School [Magna Cum Laude].

As if that were not enough, he became a naval officer in the late 1970’s early 1980’s, serving as a ‚Surface Warfare Officer‘ on the destroyer, USS Paul F. Foster, part of the Pacific fleet. He was then appointed ’special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations.‘ Bannon went on to become a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and an Executive Producer of 18 different films in Hollywood. If the aforementioned accomplishments do not afford him the right to be on the NSC, then I do not know exactly what he would have do.“ The NSC created by President Harry Truman never was able to handle items proper as Pieczenik puts it and is therefore „less than relevant“. And as far as Bannon is concerned Donald Trump made one of his famous remarks:Bannon is at the NSC not to become anybody’s buddy!“

Robert David Steele see Video above was part of the „counter coup“ and speaks out very open in interviews. Pieczenik was on the Alex Jones Show on January 31th (after 1:41:10) and stressed that Bannon’s career was quite different from that of people who think an university degree and lifetime dependance from the state is enough. He sees the „uprising“ orchestrated by the Soros funded NGOs as well as MSM outrage as signs of dying institutions. Who takes part in anti-Trump sentiments shows his or her incompetence while hard working people understand what is going on. The greatest security problem as Pieczenik puts it is the low percentage of family farming (6 %) because it is too hard nowadays.  And while Soros‘ fith colums are out on the streets and in social media Trump heads towards bilateral trade agreements with countries like Great Britain and South Korea.


Na(t)ive Americans for Muslim immigration (Twitter)

The big change to former administrations is the different background of persons appointed as Trump chose men with military experience while Obama, Bush junior and the Clintons concentrated on people „with a very soft background“. With this „incompetency of civilians“ they started wars and regime changes without knowing how to end it. Due to such a „soft background“ many don’t understand that everything has consequences and that they have to pay a price. Pieczenik mentions that there were lot of covert operations and now „everything comes to the surface“. With turmoil at the State Department as an example he shows how absurd some act as they want to protest against Trump but stay anonymous which is not possible. We of course should not have illusions about the new course as Pieczenik and others think people living from useless state financed jobs behave like „parasites“ while the real American spirit is entrepreneurship on each level.

Alex Jones calls manipulated protesters and their leaders insane but Pieczenik (who is a psychiatrist) prefers terms like „inept“ or „impudent“. This matches perfectly when we think of those who defend „cultural hegemony“ in Europe and are vassals of Soros and the U.S. deep state. None of them ever worked really hard but they really believe the propaganda they are hired (and good paid) for to spread every day. After min 34:00 we can watch a new interview with ex-CIA-officer John Kiriakou who was the first to reveal CIA torture via waterboarding. That President Trump can imagine circumstances when „enhanced interrogation techniques“ might be justified but respects Defense Minister James Mattis‘ aversion to torture is not enough. As Kiriakou says torture must be forbidden by law in way that no excuses are possible.  Some former CIA employees like analyst Paul R. Pillar warn that Trump’s „management style“ is „chaotic“ as expressed in giving Bannon a key role.

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