Are Democrats (and Social Democrats) insane?

„Are the Democrats mentally insane?“ is a question some rise regarding how Sally Boynton Brown presented herself as a candidate for the DNC chair. She begins with „Black lives matter“ meaning not only the Soros-funded organization BLM. Brown describes that she comes from „white“ Idaho and tries to connect with all people of color she can. It might be tantalizing but leads to false conclusions when we make fun of a allegedly lunatic women who claims she is „no politician“. Under the suggestion she is manipulated her words tell us a lot about the direction in which societies should be steered with the help of Democrats and Social Democrats.

She says that „White leaders in our party have failed. We have to accept there is prejudice which exists within our own party“.  And she states that this situation cannot be hidden or covered up and „we cannot smash voices down when they are trying to scream ‚listen to me, you don’t get it!‘ I’m a white woman, I don’t get it.“ Brown feels „pleased and honoured“ to be at the DNC to have that „conversation“ as it is her job to „listen“. „My job is to listen and to give a voice and my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.“ She also wants to shut them down when they claim they have no prejudice as they are Democrats. For her white people should shut their mouth and listen because they are privileged.

We see in the background #demincolor, the hashtag for this event while Brown stresses that her resolve is „not rhetoric“ but „a matter of life and death“. One month ago Sally Boyton Brown (executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party) decided to run for the DNC chair and was interviewed on that occasion on public TV. She expressed disappointment that it was not possible to break through the glass ceiling which is the common Clinton narrative constantly affirmed by MSM, Democrats and so called „feminists“. When only men showed interest in the DNC chair she decided ro run, so again the glass ceiling and female empowerment argument no matter what are the political positions of women and what is their record. Because there were „so many women“ in top roles including Clinton Brown now fears „a backlash in the Democratic Party“.

This remarks show a strategy that she first portrays herself as a discriminated minority and then draws the race card.  In the interview she points at the race question that all races should be represented in the party which lets us question who is really racist – people who make no difference between ethnic background or those who always talk about it. Among seven candidates for the chair her remarks were most surprising as media reports show.  While Michael Savage calls her brainwashed and wishes her getting elected because that would destroy the Democratic Party she seems to have high self-esteem see her Facebook page. There is even an online petition for her but with only a few hundred signatures. It will take a month until we know if a vassal for destabilization like Boynton Brown can be installed as DNC chair.  Let’s hope that many people will read her program with points like “’Transforming White Privilege‘ courses for our members and leaders“ or „Provide political job-training skills courses in New American Majority communities.“ (see „DNC Blueprint for the Future: Culture„).

Ironically her bio shows a typical white women who first raised three children, has an university degree in communication and engaged ealier in the church before turning to politics. The Wikipedia entry for the chairperson election explains: „Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have publicly supported Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus., led by Ilya Sheyman, has also expressed support for Ellison.“ MoveOn is the Soros-funded organization which reacted with „spontaneous“ protest to the election of Donald Trump. As in January TV commentator Jemhu Greene announced she also runs for the DNC chair Sally Boynton Brown is no longer the only woman.

But it is even not necessary that Brown is elected as she could give debates the „right“ direction and break „taboos“ in order to change and to undermine the Democrats. After focussing on Black Democrats she might favour advocacy for Muslims, open borders and mass immigration. Then she would be in line with especially young Social Democrats in Europe who call elder politicians „racist“ and „right wing populist“ when they want borders controlled and measures against illegal immigration. In countries like Germany or Austria it sounds a bit ridiculous but brainwashed leftists talk about „toxic whiteness“ or use created terms as „white positioned“ for themselves. Like Brown they find „participation“ in political process not only in their party but also in society in general very important. This means that cultural hegemony should be set in place via them as they and their fellows are everywhere in virtual and real life.

As they cheer like Pawlow’s dogs for the „rights“ of illegal (male) immigrations which they call „refugees“ they follow the same pattern. While in the U.S. (at the moment) „black lives“ should dominate over „white“ population in Europe Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and from Northern Africa are pushed. On both sides of the ocean primarily (but not only) women are ideal tools for this agenda and therefore made popular by means of self victimization. The Socialist Youth International as an umbrella for different Socialist and Social Democratic youth organizations in many countries including the U.S. has recieved CIA funding and is now turning fiercely against Donald Trump whose „hate speech“ (at the inauguration) is „a threat to the world“. The two Austrian member organizations (Socialist Youth and a students‘ association)  transport the no border –  Muslim immigration – state destabilization – agenda as all groups in the country who define themselves as leftist or liberal.

These folks are not really „mentally insane“ and neither is Sally Boynton Brown; but they are testifying that the methods of intelligence agencies are used to pursue hidden goals. Intel terms differ between „clandestine“ and „covert“ operations whether the operation itself is concealed or the identity of the sponsor. The impression of „mental illness“ especially on the left – and the feeling that some people live in a totally different reality – has much to do with levels of consciousness. I didn’t mean this spiritual or esoteric but factual: while some people see a complex operation going on in the Western world and desperately try to wake others up many are just pawns in the game. The latest example are women protesting against Trump without realizing that they march for rogue elements in the CIA, for George Soros and for Sharia Law.


Women’s March in Germany (Tagesschau on Twitter)

The not-so-clandestine operation turns people via media manipulation and brainwashed leaders of Socialist organisations, Greens and NGOs into their own enemies. When in Germany and Austria many citizens (under the influence of many weeks of propaganda) „welcomed“ so-called refugees (who are none according to the Geneva Conventions provisions) others were shivering as they at least knew something was going on. Some realized they witnessed covert warfare but failed to convince all these Pawlows dogs who denounced everybody as „inhumane“ and „racist“ who pointed at „domestic“ poverty and homelessness. Not surprisingly all these „welcomers“ are blind for massive violence not only against women by men from Muslim countries who behave as conquerors and not as guests in a foreign country.

As Sally Boynton Browns „lunatic“ words point out white population has to subdue itself and become the servants of Muslims (one third of Black American are Muslims).  Why are women so willingly advocating their own enslavement? It was vital for the long prepared agenda to stimulate female frustration on men without really empowering women but educate them to be passive and always complain. Conservative men on the other hand critize that men are no more „real men“ who stand up and fight. As history shows there were always fighting women and female leaders in battles though in a smaller number than men. But those „feminists“ who are caught in George Soros‘ regime change trap don’t want to refer to Zenobia, Boudicca, Lakshmi Bai or the queens of Meroe who successfully fought the Romans.

Last year the student Maria Ladenburger who volunitarily „helped“ refugees was murdered by an Afghan in Freiburg / Germany. It turned out that he not only lied concerning his age pretending to be a minor (which means he costs the state more than grown ups) but has almost killed a woman in Greece before. According to Geneva Convention even real refugees have to obey laws and behave in a proper manner but in so many cases criminals are not in jail and not sued let alone deported. Ladenburgers father is a high level employee at the European Commission so even the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz was at her funeral. Schulz (who now becomes top candidate of the German Social Democrats in parliamentary election) once said that „what the refugees bring to us has more worth than gold“. Ladenburgers parents are still „welcomers“ and support refugee projects which reminds us of Amy Biehl who „helped“ in a South African township and was killed there. Her mother Linda seemed to understand the grieve of her murderes and founded a forgiveness project where two of the four men now work.

4 Gedanken zu “Are Democrats (and Social Democrats) insane?

  1. N.Y.T. writes quite bluntly that Amy Biehl was „killed because she was white“. The case is indeed similar to Maria Ladenburger. The family lacks understanding for the psychology behind this kind of phenomenon and, based on their pious egalitarian belief system, infers that the causes must lie in white oppression of the group to which the killers belong. They might be surprised to know about the Zebra Killers, a group that killed about 80 persons in California, simply because they were white. during a short period in 1972. The killing ended due to a mass effort at racial profiling, i.e. rounding up young black men and interrogating, in a state of emergency, and was later covered up. It can be found here Colin Flaherty in „White Girl Bleed a lot“ tells lots of tales of recent cases that are characterized by the same psychology, called by him „The Knockout Game“. Flaherty is faced by a lot of egalitarian believers who challenge him for explanations (which they then hope to denounce as „racist“), but he limits himself to telling the facts. If you can not accept the facts and live under a compulsive desire to explain human biodiversity as a result of oppression, you are bound to resort to the kind of insanity that Sally Boynton Brown as well as the parents of Amy Biehl an Maria Ladenburger seem to be examples of. Even without Soros promoting the insanity in the background, female pathological empathy and male dogmatic autism join hands to impose this frenzy which is perfectly supported by the prevailing dogma of the time.


  2. In the late 1990s there was a big case in Nanjing, China, where a whole German family was exterminated by a group of killers who were then brought to justice and sentenced to death. The German relatives of this family then campaigned to have the sentences of the killers reduced so they be spared death as they considered the death penalty to be „wrong“ or contrary to „human rights“. The cases was reported in China as an example of dogmatic insanity leading people to believe in a way which leads to suppression of real natural human feelings in favour of a strange kind of hypocrisy. There was and is very little understanding for this kind of attitude among Chinese populations even now in Germany. Chinese students and scholars frequently experience being branded as somehow right-wing or lacking in empathy or mentally deficient, insufficiently humanistic or progressive, and they OTOH tend to think of westerners as naive or dogmatic. This also applies to the refugee discussion.


  3. Also, the „human rights dialogue“ initiated by Chancellor Schröder defeated itself by long discussions about the wrongs of the death penalty and the one child policy. The possible legitimate core of the „human rights“ ideology had little chance of making any inroads because the human rights propagandists who participated in the dialogue were largely unable to distinguish between emotion-propelled dogmatism and possibly more persuasive elements of their agenda.


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