MSM on Trump: US and Europe – it’s all the same

When reading newspapers in Austria or browsing the web for European coverage and then switching to the U.S. you realize that it’s all the same. This PoliZette article could describe European media though the chosen examples are from the U.S. press. Such coincidences never happen by chance but reveal carefully designed dealing with President Trump in a hostile way. The day before the inauguration there was a debate on the online TV channel of the Austrian newspaper „Österreich“ which is a partner of CNN. The editor of „Österreich“ (better name would be „deep state“) Wolfgang Fellner once spent a year at the „Washington Post“ and afterwards his media projects in Austria were successful.

Only the head of the smallest Austrian parliamentary faction (Team Stronach) Robert Lugar was reasonable in that debate; the others were against Trump either relatively calm or almost crying (former ORF anchor Josef Broukal who was a Member of Parliament for the Social Democrats), warning with pathetic words (former green MP Johannes Voggenhuber) or appearing as totally deranged (former foreign policy head at the weekly magazine „profil“ Georg Hoffman-Ostenhof). They nearly all agreed that President Trump is a lunatic, only interested in business, apolitical and „like a child that never grew up“; that he puts himself in danger they ignore. Hoffman-Ostenhof, who still writes commentaries for „profil“, called Trump crazy, racist, a dangerous nightmare, with countless accusations being a sexist, unfit and incapable being President, with psychological problems, never being grown up, and to put it short „a psychopath as President“ (as Fellner summarized Hoffmann-Ostenhofs pile of garbage poured out over Trump).


Women’s March in Berlin (Twitter)

Trump is extremely dangerous because as a nationalist he doesn’t understand international politics; there are  yet many conflicts of interest and there might be an impeachment because of Russian interference in the elections („the intelligence agencies take that seriously“) so the „star journalist“ is convinced that Trump won’t make the whole period. While Obama is „personified reason, personified elegance“ and was a great president, Trump will only be a „very small dirty note in history“. Hoffmann-Ostenhof praises the „liberalization“ of American society except rural regions with „old white men“ who feel uncomfortable about gay marriage. He forgets that he is no 20 year old black-hispanic transgender woman in a wheelchair but nothing more than an old white men himself.

The narrative is the same in the U.S. and in Europe, with some small differences: the Hitler topic was so far not brought up here (as Rachel Maddow, CNN, did it) but that „America first!“ must mean contempt for Europe and the EU. When Donald Trump was elect critical folks in Europe who stood up against illegal wars and regime changes for the first time in their life called others „anti-american“: those who usually transport the agenda of the U.S. deep state but now have to face a President not chosen by the deep state. For years these assets of the deep state (some on the payroll of the CIA of course)  went wild when military interventions and covert operations where critized; they labelled us being anti-american.

Most of us who were either ignored or attacked by the Fake News Mainstream had some kind of love for America. For me it was music, western riding and Maine Coon cats (and I collected books and magazines from the U.S. especially on Arabian horses) and this kind of bond never broke even when confronted with the deep states‘ brutal hand. I believed in a different America, an America of the people and an America of those fighters against globalists and deep state whose articles, interviews and commentaries I apprechiated for years (some since the NATO war against Yugoslavia in 1999).  In Germany and Austria the MSM are perhaps more partisan and furious over Trump and other „dissidents“ then elsewhere as „free press“ was installed by the U.S. after WW II. A documentary with insight in CIA operations called „Germany Made In USA“ highlights how cultural hegemony was established.

This explains why it is easy to mobilize women in cities like Berlin (see picture from Twitter) or Vienna to „march“ against the alleged „sexist, racist, homophob“ who was none of that for the MSM untill he run for President of the U.S., And of course U.S.think tank (some tracing back to the time before WW II) are influential – not to forget the strategy of George Soros funding „protest“ everywhere and financing those who call for an Europe „without borders“ so the continent is flooded with illegal immigrants. While in the U.S. the instrumentalized millenials cry „no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here“ in Europe they chant „say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here“. As Michel Chossudovsky points out these groups are nothing else than intelligence fronts: „The organizers of the engineered protest movement are funded by powerful corporate interests, they are supported by US intelligence. The objective is not to undermine the racist right wing agenda of Donald Trump as conveyed in the video below. Quite the opposite.“

In a short clip from Infowars we see protesters who wear the flag of „Antifaschistische Aktion“, a group which stirs unrest in Germany and tries it in Austria too; I have seen them also in a Canadian video showing how they try to frame normal (thinking) people as „fascists“. As „Antifaschistische Aktion“ and other groups (like „Neue Linkswende“  who supports the „Womens‘ March“ in Vienna) are against the nation state they clearly are useful idiots of the globalists. When you realize who is behind agenda setting and what is the goal you discover how they get control over NGOs and  networks. In this article I show that an umbrella organization of moderate Austrian womens‘ organizations is carefully driven to the extreme left without most members even noticing it.

As in the U.S. the MSM in Europe made a big fuzz about Barack Obamas first inauguration in 2009; now they try to bury Trump in the news and when they report they follow the negative narrative of their own pictures (though usually not so extreme as the described Austrian „journalist“). Yesterday morning I searched Google news (in German) for „Trump“ as I wanted to know the schedule of the inauguration. On top of the results were some articles with neutral or negative headline but below Google offered Soros on Trump. The MSM use positive terms for Soros (star investor, hedgefonds manager, American billionaire…) as they have negative terms for Trump. And they transport Soros‘ Trump-bashing: he is a would-be dictator, he brings insecurity, he will fail, a Trump-crash will come etc. The geopolitical maps of George Friedman (Stratfor) make it clear that cultural and ethnic diversity in Europe shall be labelled „nationalistic“.

3 Gedanken zu “MSM on Trump: US and Europe – it’s all the same

  1. According to the Peter Principle everybody rises up to the point where he is incompetent and out of place. In this sense all opponents of Donald Trump have in mind to be the greatest, but in the same time they are shocked, enraged and avid for revenge.

    I hope the saying „The condemned live longer“ applies to Donald Trump, too.


    • They are products of a long term strategy which makes them feel great because they are able to repeat all the phrases of identity politics. But as you say, the time when they fall – and they will fall into empty space as they live in a filter bubble – will come soon.


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