How we can stop George Soros

Everything that happens to divide citizens and to force illegal immigration has ties to billionaire George Soros. His goal is the destruction of nation states so anger, fear and hatred among the population is created and nurtured and destabilization via immigration is stimulated. Donald Trump’s fights with courts who refuse to understand what is written in the law have the same reason as constant refusal of European courts to apply laws to Muslim immigrants. It makes no sense to collect news about privileged treatment of such illegal immigrants and share them on Facebook or to mourn rising poverty among citizens.

Attacking Governments or in the US politicians and leftists seems fruitless if you don’t talk about the hidden agenda of Soros and other globalists. The Hungarian Government said openly that Soros wants to bring it down via more than 60 NGOs. On February 11 Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned in bis annual speech that Soros‘ activities pose a threat to Hungarian sovereignty and offered asylum to all Europeans who defend their values against Islam and „multiculturalism“ and he said: “Here there are large predators swimming in the water, and this is the transnational empire of George Soros.” He says the globalists want Europe’s states transformed into „railway stations“ everybody can enter.

Orban’s recent speech with subtitles in English

In Macedonia the Stop Operation Soros initiative describes how Soros covertly influences public discourse and politics as he wants to built majorities for his open borders agenda. The pattern informed citizens can watch to enfold is always the same whether you are in the US or in Europe and regardless which protests you might watch on video. Once you realized that foundations like Soros‘ Open Society Foundations and transatlantic think tanks are the driving forces it is easy to discover more and more links and connections. When the pattern enfolds you see fake human rights organizations like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch are an integral part of the war and regime change agenda as well as campaign organizations like MoveOn, Avaaz or Campact.

In the video above Premier Orban describes the „most bizarre“ cooperation between human traffickers, human rights activists and European top politicians to flood the continent with illegal immigrants. There are several references to George Soros as Orban explains what an „open society“ really means and how Soros influences even Hungarian media. At minute 36 he mentions growing activities of „international organizations“ in countries like Hungary especially before elections. „In secret – financed by foreign sources – they want to influence Hungarian politics“, which leads the freedom-loving Hungarians to the question „will we allow  non-transparent attempts of foreign influence“? Orban’s point is not about real civilian organizations who might engage for something important but about „international organizations and their paid activists and their local Hungarian offices“.

It is about transparency and accountability and more than that – Orban compares the situation to big predators swimming in the water: „This is the transnational empire of George Soros with lots of money and international artillery“ and Hungary has seen enough of his covert activities f.e. when his organizations are involved in the transport of migrants by the hundreds and thousands into Europe. As usual Soros‘ fronts aim at diverting „the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian Government from the path on which the people’s will is directing them“. At the beginning of the speech Orban made clear that unelected organizations and persons pretend to express the people’s will (and this is always alongside with the interests of the globalists).

What is at stake for every targeted country and Government Cvetin Chilimanov from Macedonia explains in this video. In countries like Ireland or Poland there is much awareness in the Catholic Church as the bond between the population and the Church is seen as an obstacle by the globalists. Each item suitable to divide the population is pushed as we have seen over the years in many countries (actually in Romania). In Germany Friederike Beck who made a series with detailed informations about the overall Soros influence and published ab book on „the secret migration agenda“ and some others break the silence on Soros. How friendly Soros is treated by the fake news MSM „Der Spiegel“ (who recently had a drawing of Donald Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty on its cover) demonstrated various times.

In 2011 he critized Germany’s „lacking of leadership“ and called for Euro Bonds; a year later he „regretted“ a „tragic, historical mistake by the Germans“ in the Euro crisis and stated that Merkel is leading Europe in the wrong direction. „Spiegel“ authors interview Soros also when they write a book as this piece from 2014 illustrates. And when „Der Spiegel“ dealt with NATO’s chief military commander Philipp Breedlove and Ukraine last summer they forgot to mention that Breedlove carried out Soros‘ plans. Guess who attended the Munich Security Conference (not only) in 2016? George Soros. As in Germany covert Soros influence is also taboo in Austria while MSM and political activists support politically correct „thinking“ without realizing what they are really doing.

I described various Soros ties and how public debates were and are shaped. Even if you trace activities back to the Soros foundations Government and Parliament refuse to react. Once an opposition MP made an inquiry to Chancellor Christian Kern who had to admit that by the initiative of George Soros he met him and his son. But at the same time Kern denied any knowledge about various and well documented Soros affiled activities in Austria. After months of exposing Soros influence and explain how it poisons and divides society I wrote an open letter to Chancellor Kern, Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner, President Alexander Van der Bellen and the third President of Parliament Norbert Hofer. I explained Soros‘ open border ( = no nation state) goal and how he tries to achieve it; especially the refugee or better migrant crisis serves as an instrument as his NGO fronts manipulate at least parts of the population while trying to silence those who dissent.

I showed the undermining of society and political discourse by picking up a recent example: The Government wants to expend subsidies for media which is in my opinion wrong as it keeps anti Austrian fake news MSM alive who serve foreign interests. But the point is that a „campaign organization of new type“ as portrays itself imposes pressure on Media Minister Thomas Drozda as media who sometimes tell the truth on criminal migrants should be banned from Government funding as they „spread hate“. is together with MoveOn, Avaaz, Campact and others member of the OPEN network whose founder Ben Brandzel worked at MoveOn and its European branch Avaaz before (both are Soros).

Of  course they fight free speech, want Vienna to guarantee young illegal immigrants free public transport and they supported Alexander Van der Bellen (the globalist candidate) at the Presidential election. They target Interior Ministers and the Government who follows laws and international agreements and label them being „inhuman“ as refusing to promote open borders. Such activities seem very familiar if you see what MoveOn, Avaaz and other are doing and raise the question whether we deal with real NGOs or with intelligence fronts. In the open letter I therefore wrote: „I ask you to cope with your responsibility for the republic of Austria and to start investigations on covert influence which could have the character of espionage to Austria’s disadvantage (NGOs as camouflage / intelligence fronts).“

And I remind them that the European Convention of Human Rights which is used by Soros funded advocacy groups in favor of illegal immigrants they call refugees provides exeptions whenever „national security“ is at risk. As former NSA-employee Wayne Madsen writes, in Lithuania the Social Democrats in Parliament asked the intelligence services to investigate threats to „national security“ imposed by Soros. All NGOs and initiatives in a wide spectrum ranging from asylum, migration, human rights, women, LGBTI, enviroment, integration, „anti right wingers“ and social issues must be held accountable for foreign influence and publish foreign funding. As the undermining of society reaches very far the Government can’t stop at NGOs but must investigate covert influence on Churches, political parties and the administration. I stress that without any legal basis illegal immigrants are treated as refugees and prefered to domestic poor and homeless people and can commit every crime they want and are seldom punished. I recommend to seek cooperation with President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Viktor Orban and other leaders in order to investigate properly how Soros endangers our future and to stopp it.

PS: Again the link to the open letter in which a lot of Soros-Austria-connections are listed by name.

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